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Didn't receive 50 coins after two days

Hello Pokémon Go members,
My girlfriend placed for the first time two pokémons in a gym and they both returned today.
One was in the gym for 2 days and a few hours and the other one was in the gym for 1 day.

She received her first 38 coins but so far as I know it should have been 50 coins if two pokémons return after more than 24 hours ?

Why did she receive only 38 coins and not 50 ?
Just te be clear these we’re her first coins so she didn’t earn any before and I know you can only get 50 maximum per 24 hours.

Are you sure about the times those Pokemon have been in a Gym?

At the moment I cannot think of anything that may possibly have happened, but you can always contact Niantic by going to the Settings in game, and then tapping on the text balloon with the question mark. They might ask for screen shots, so be sure to make them.

Edit: Am I right in saying she got the 38 PokéCoins first, and then another 12? In that case it is still odd, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Hey Jormdeworm,

Thanks for your reply !

I am pretty sure because I checked yesterday on her phone and it said “Time defended” two days and a few hours. The other pokémon was one day and an hour or something.

I will contact Niantic and check what they have to say !

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She got in total 38 coins.