Did anyone notice Groudon got harder to catch?

I was going 5/5 for them, catching them all first ball and then they just start violently attacking. It seems like Niantic messed up the catch rate then scrambled to correct it.

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Quite sure that was just bad luck, their catchrate should still be the same

Not a big enough sample size to draw any conclusions and I’ve had the opposite experience…started 1/3 and then caught four in a row.

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A lot regular raiders reported it felt like it was a 90% catch rate on first day. By third day when i went after a couple it was back to reg, thus i was 0/3 with all gold and great or nice curves and golden raz. Oh well that’s the game.

There is definitely a bug on iPhone X. Ball throws are broken to Groudon. Can barely reach it. Changed with last release of game. Hope they fix it soon. No reason to go after a Groudon until it is fixed.

Finally got my first Legendary. Ran into another player this morning and he got me to join Discord. Responded to the raid call out and got Groudon!

Im on 33 out of 40. Cant really say that i think it got harder. Did 5 today, caught 4 of them. Thats pretty much the rate ive been getting him at.

I hope it hasnt got harder. I have tried 5 raids and failed all 5. When my group finally do beat it I don’t want it to be so difficult to catch, because we will almost certainly not get another chance.