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Crown Eevee evolution?

So , like everyone i got an abundance of the flower crown eevee. I have the regular versions of all available eeveelutions. But since i have enough flower crowned im tryna evolve them to all the select forms. Only thing is , when i try to do the name trick (like i did with all my prior eevee) the silhouette doesn’t change. If anyone knows the reason for this. Please lmk!


Unfortunately, you can only use the name trick once per eeveelution. :confused:


Well that explains it

Wouldn’t it be awesome if they let you do it again for shinies and flower crowns? lol

Seriously though, we should be able top choose the evo we want, just like the main games. Same with Clamperl. I landed three shiny Clamperl … all three ended up as Gorbyss. :frowning:

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Hey, what’s your code? I need friends on Pokemon Go and I desperately need an Eevee to evolve into Flareon.

Dont worry, non-Kantonian evolutions still have 100% guarantee methods

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Walk the Eevee 10k and evolve while still your Buddy for Espeon and Umbreon.
Evolve while it’s Night time in game for the Umbreon.
Evolve while it’s Day time in game for the Espeon.

For Glaceon evolve the Eevee while in range of a Glacial Lured Stop.
For Leafeon evolve the Eevee while in range of a Mossy Lured Stop.

For Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon your going to be at the mercy of RNG.


:sob::gun: man that sucks about the clampearl . and seriously. Why do i have to jump thru crazy hoops just for a few eevee evos lmfao if they kept the same concept of evolution stones in the regular came and translated them ro PoGo life would be just a tiny bit better

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Right? When I got the third shiny (it spawned from a glacial lure), I said “please, please, please …” under my breath as I evolved it … and … NOPE … no Huntail, yet again. lol

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:joy::joy: i been gunnin for the 3costume starters and a yamask and gastly shiny and i say the same “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE” evvery time. No luck. :tired_face:

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Thank u :pray:

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