Confusion/Focus Blast Mewtwo: Help!

You won’t believe my luck to find a Focus Blast Mewtwo! I just don’t know what to do! What do you guys use against it?

The lame auto suggest always picks Gardevoir, Lugia and Ho-oh for it. Tried to put in 3 dragon types to fill my Tyranitar spaces, but I still got whooped to my rejoin team. Main focus is: we’re a 12 people raid group, and we all still use rejoin teams against this moveset in particular.

Nothing wrong with rejoining is there?
But use Gengar and Mewtwo against it.
12 players should be plenty.

12 players struggling to take it out?

In Order your best attackers against Focus Blast MewTwo are:
MewTwo - Psycho Cut / Shadow Ball
Gengar - Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball. Shadow Claw is a legacy move so next is Hex or Sucker Punch / Show Ball. No difference between Hex and Sucker Punch.
Tyranitar - Bite / Crunch. Yes they will get taken out in one hit but they do 2x damage so it’s more about how much damage you can do as quick as possible. You wont even need your best ones for this. L20’s from raids not powered up will last just as long as maxed out L40 ones against Focus Blast due to the 1HKO.
Expect to use a second team still but lead with your MewTwo Gengar teams.

If you don’t have enough of the above expect to use more Pokemon.

We’re a bit short on revives, so we just don’t want to rely on rejoin teams. Well, I guess I’ll but back my Ttars and just use the whatever rejoin team the AI suggests me on this ocasion! Thanks for the tip @NotanotherKangaskhan

@thinger95, or you may use tanky and high DPS flying type like Dragonite or Salamence against Focus Blast Mewtwo even though they are not super effective against Mewtwo but resist Focus Blast.

Don’t forget Rayquaza for this. Bit fragile but good damage for a nuteral. Dragon Tail / Outrage for both Ray and Dragonite.

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12 players should have no problem taking it out. Even if all 6 of your monsters go down, just rejoin.

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If you are struggling against Mewtwo and don’t like the recommended mons, you should make two parties for it.