Confused about Mewtwo Fast attack Confusion

Hi, I am confused about which fast attack to use on my Mewtwo. This site and others claim that Confusion/Shadow Ball is the best moveset and i converted all of my Mewtwo to have those moves.

However when i look at all the individual raid guides where I can use him i see conflicting information.

for example:

Alakazam says to use Psycho cut / shadow ball
Machamp says Confusion / Psychic
Kirlia says Psycho Cut / Shadow Ball
Gengar says Confusion / Psychic
Lugia says Confusion / Shadow Ball

and Cloyster says ‚ÄúPsycho Cut is better than Confusion because it has a higher EPS, which is the energy at which it charges your charge move, which is the one that really matters.‚ÄĚ

and then it says to use Focus Blast for charged move

So what should i be setting my moves to? Or do i simply need to create an army of 30 Mewtwo with all the different possible moves for each individual situation?

And thank you again for running this site, it is a tremendous and invaluable wealth of information!

Mewtwo made you confused with his Confusion lolūüėā


@DigitalMan Confusion should be the fast move. Physic should be the charge move. This has STAB. Also, you dont want a mewtwo with one move ghost one move physic!

If you have the possibility… Yes. IF you want the best possible team.

Its because of typing.
Alakazam is Psychic, so he takes extra damage from Ghost type attacks.
Machamp is fighting, so he takes extra damage from psychic attacks.
Cloyster is Ice, so he takes extra damage from fighting attacks.

I could look for the others you mention but i hope you get the point :wink:
So if you want the top counters on every boss, yes you need to have 30 Mewtwos, or switch his attacks with TM’s before every raid.
Personally i use 1 Mewtwo for EX-raids (So psycho cut/shadow ball) and 1 for gymming against blissey, snorlax etc, wich has Confusion/Focus blast.

Confusion and Psycho Cut are both great moves in their own way.

Confusion hits really hard and it’s slow so it takes longer to load your charge move.

In battle you want Confusion when your opponent is weak to psychic.

Psycho Cut is not that strong but it is a lot faster and loading your charge move goes a lot faster. You use it more often.

In battle you want Psycho Cut when your opponent is weak to Ghost or Fighting.

Shadow Ball is best for raiding 
Focus Blast is best for clearing gyms 
Psychic is best when you need a pure Psychic attacker

I use mewtwo to fight against raid boss with psychic, and ghost typing

So for me, it is PsychoCut and Shadow Ball…

I prefer Psycho cut/ Focus blast

I dominate Tyranitar/Blissy
Psycho cut allows for dodging more than Confusion.

I actually hate confusion i have a couple mewtwo have it just because but not sure why anymore. Also shadow ball is pretty annoyingly weak compared to focus blast.

Cut with Shadow Ball and Focus Miss, Confusion wkth Psychic
Dont really understand the Lugia tho

Well, its like 100 vs 140 BP and immunity vs super-effective damage

Of course you do because SB has more use than psychic, even for machamp solo. However even though I suspected all along I finally found an answer about his fast attacks here thanks to @magoose6

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Awesome, glad you found an answer.

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