Cobalion Raids (Post Your Success/Failure)

As per title a thread to Post your success or failure and discuss the latest T5 offering.
There may not be a lot of entries as initial feel is it’s disappointing and just a Dex filler.

I went 2/3 with my last catch as a critical capture on the 3rd ball. My roommate also went 2/3. Sadly, all four of ours were garbage IV-wise.

As you pointed out, this was mostly dex filler so we stopped at 3.

Solid turnout though. 25 or so people at the first, 20 or so at the second, 16 at the 3rd.

Did one today while I was farming a nest.
I was expecting it to be a hard catch as someone on local Discord side it jumped heaps and was hard to land throws.
Can’t say it was any worse than anything else and wasn’t that hard to time the throws (I’m not a set circle guy).

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Yeah, I got some easy excellent throws on this one and it’s movements were pretty easy and predictable. I don’t think I missed or scored less than a Great once, which is unusual for me on a legendary raid. lol

Ive heared that complaint to before we did our first Cobalion, but i feel like its almost as easy as catching a Groudon.

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3/3 so far

They’re about as easy to throw Excellents at as Dialga and Palkia, which is nice.

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Throwing Excellents isn’t the problem. Keeping it in the ball is. Do ALL Legendaries have a 2% base catch rate?

Looking a little into that question, it seems other online resources peg the rate at 3%. Great. So now I have to find two answers:

  1. Is the base catch rate the same for all Legendaries?
  2. Is that 2%? or 3%?

Looking further into that will have to wait until after dinner, though. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Only did 1 so far, it is easy to hit excellent, similar to hitting excellent on a Ponyta.

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Only the Legendary Birds have a 3% base rate. All the others are at 2% that I can tell, the exception being anything in EX Raids which is at 6%.

With Excellent Curveball Throws with a Golden Razz Berry, you’re essentially getting a 1 in 7 chance each successful throw.


Much obliged for the info.

2 for 2 so far. I caught him on last ball during first raid tonight.