Changes to ex gym eligibility

The ex raid gym indicator is now live and as a result changes have been observed to eligibility.

It used to be that all gyms in the dark green area on the map were eligible, but this resulted in people taking a gamble when there were 2 or 3 such gyms in a level 14 s2 cell, or left them wondering why they didn’t get a pass.

However this has now changed, with latest update, only 1 gym in a level 14 s2 cell can be labelled “ex raid gym”.

While this helps clear things up for people who have multiple gyms nearby that meet the prior requirements, I can see this potentially causing more problems for people who have 2 gyms nearby that meet the old requirements, but both are in same cell and no other eligible gyms for miles around. Such people will now only be able to have an ex-raid occur once a fortnight, whereas before they were able to alternate between the gyms to get one weekly.

It would be interesting to see if once passes go out, the ex raid gym label is swapped to another gym in the same cell if others meet the requirements or whether it sticks to the gym that the ex-raid has been triggered on.

Wow, that could have massive consequences for the Park 3mins drive from home that has 5 Ex Eligible Gyms in 2 Cells (2 in one and 3 in the other) These Gyms had Raids on all in a rotation with one rarely missing out.
Be interesting to see what transpires with these Gyms.

I’m hoping they stay the same, not because I was doing my Ex Raids there. I didn’t do my Ex Raids there because of a large contingent of toxic feral scum that frequent the Ex Raids there. I’d rather keep them there and not have them in the areas where I get my Ex Passes and Raids.

Within 5min drive of my town’s cbd, there were 13 gyms to choose from before today, but now it’s dropped to 9. 4 of which are generally avoided due to being in the bush and full of mosquitoes, another which is generally avoided because many locals don’t want to walk and without them can’t get enough to trigger an ex-raid.

I currently have no EX-Raid eligible gyms in my hometown. I would have to either go to the town 15 miles north or 8 miles to the east. Just to get a chance to maybe get an invite was not enough incentive. Happy I waited since I got first Mewtwo today.

I’ve got a list of 40 I can reach within 20min drive from Work. 30 of those are between work and home.
I’m curious as to how many disappear and how many new ones I might be able to find.

Someone proposed a theory on Reddit that once 1 of the 2 (or more) gyms gets an EX-invite, the other becomes EX eligible.
Honestly i dont think this will be true, but its an interesting theory. We have 1 level 14 cell with 2 EX-gyms in it so once the 1 gets an invite i can see.

Nearby me (30 minutes walk) there where 3 ex-raid gyms. Now a 4 showed up. Don´t know if it´s a new one but, 14 people where there with over 300 accounts, raiding a Squirtle, to see if they can get the ex-pass.

Interestingly in a cell that has 2 ex eligible gyms, 2 days ago one had the ex raid gym tag and the other didn’t, yesterday and today it has swapped from what they were 2 days ago.

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How/where do you find out what the cells are and what gyms are eligible?, I didn’t know you could do that.

Theres a few options:

You can see ingame wich gyms are EX-gyms by just tapping them and looking at the top right corner (new since last update).

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Yup exraid locations got changed.almost the whole east side of our city is EX gym.1 of them that was a EX Raid gym,didnt have the icon “EX RAID GYM”.Very strange…

Thank you.

yesterday I found something about that lvl 13 cells are involved. 2 gyms can be EX in the same lvl 13 cell, but not host an Ex-raid at the same time. Can’t find it atm.

Yeah that was the old system. In the new system im not sure that still applies…

My EX gym at the park 45 minutes away was removed and put on the gym next to it

Can you keep an eye on both and check if that Ex Tag on the Gym(s) changes from week to week.
There’s been a thought that that Tag might change with a rotation schedule.
None of this can be proven or disproven yet as it’s too early.
We’ve got a couple we are watching atm.

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Gyms locally have had the tag swap back and forth between them within the same level 14 cell.

It’s hard to know if it’s Niantic’s messing with it trying to get it setup the way they want or if that’s exactly how it supposed to be.

The next lot of Ex Passes didn’t come out this morning. Today was the day the came out last week.

Yeah but last weeks wave was an odd one. Raids 5 days after the invitations… Thats not supposed to happen i think.

I’ll let you know in 21 hours.