Chance to catch Mewtwo ruined by full pokemon box

Has anyone defeated a raid boss with a full pokemon box? I did once, and I had a chance to transfer some of my pokemon to make some room. After that, I could enter the bonus battle to catch the exxegutor by tapping the gym.
However, the raid today was another story. I defeated mewtwo for the first time on a team of 10 players, only to find that my pokemon box was full :slightly_frowning_face: The battle started about 3 minutes before the end of the raid, and after I made room in my pokemon box by transferring, I found that the bonus battle was gone…
Really sad because it was the first ever mewtwo that I defeated, having more than 12 of my pokemon fainted. I have to say that this doesn’t make any sense.
Anyone experienced the same issue?

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Have you emailed Niantic?

That sucks.
Definetly tell Niantic Twitter your story whenever they make a new post, and then they will tell you what to do

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I just viewed some other forums, found that the same thing happened to some people before this, while some believe that this is on the player. Thanks for the suggestion to tell Niantic Twitter, I have reported bug for this, but I don’t think I’ll get reply.

Yes, if you tell niantic twitter they reply if you reply to their tweet quickly… just say “just a quick question” (it helps)

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This is definitely on the trainer though. One, you should have made space in your pokemon box . Two you should have been mindful of the time.


You can re-enter the catch screen if your game glitches out, freezes and has to be restarted or space has to be cleared because your full as long as there is still time left before the Raid Boss timer has ended.
Once ended there is no getting back in sorry.
That’s always the danger in doing Raids close to end time.
Best to make sure there is always space in your collection before starting Raid.

I often forget to clean out my Pokémon storage (I’m at the full 1500 and struggling all the time) and… yes, it’s not nice, but you can re-enter the raid to catch the raid boss - unless the raid timer has run out.
It has always been like that and I have also lost Pokémon on that occasionally.

I’ve learned the hard way to peek into storage before joining a raid lobby and especially not doing raids too close to the timer’s end.

Clear it,its just bad resource managment at your side

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That sucks bad, hope you can get another one. You still have time, go for it. Good luck.

yeah sure he has time. his first mewtwo he ever did in the 14 months it has been available and mewtwo raids disappearing within 6 hours of my reply, he’ll surely get another chance :wink:

I’m also siding with the ‘it’s your own fault’ team. Contacting Niantic? no use whatsoever

sorry to be so harsh, but honesty gets you furthest in the long rong.

I think there is still a complete day to catch it. In my country till Oct 23 5PM…

yes it should allow u to throw away a poke before u have the chance

you’re right, dunno why but i somehow that today was 23rd. My bad.

My point still stands though. if 14 months wasn’t enough, another 30 hours won’t do much more. Unless he started playing like a week ago or so :wink:

On the other hand, he couldve found a new group

Thanks guys.
I actually kind of know that this is on me especially because I’ve had the same experience before this, but I was just too excited to finally form a team of 10 on community day. That’s just a rare situation because usually the ex raid bosses aren’t challenged at all in out school, and I think I won’t get a chance like this in a while.
So just one last question, how can I find a group of players for ex raids in my region? For now I’ve only got 3 active friends, and to win an ex raid we obviously need more.

That wasnt an EX Raid, that was a regular one
For starters, look at Silph Road Legaue Map (or whatever) to see if your town has aDiscord chat
If that fails, show up at a 5* in the centre of the city early and hope that they will show up, then ask how they communicate

If he has 1500 pokemon storage, it isnt tho…niantic needs to make it 200 at least, now that gen 4 is live

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I got only 1 ex pass those 14 months after doing about 570 raids at eligible gyms…funny how that works

uh… maybe… but… why would you be keeping 1500 pokemon? :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

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Ask almost anyone…I keep almost all pidgey and evolve exploit pokemon…and I keep all go pluses for a week and then iv and transfer…they stack up

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