Can't Spin, Can't Catch

For the past month I get this issue at random.

I go to a stop, spin and spin and spin and nothing. Doesn’t say try later, doesn’t change colour.

Then I try to catch something. Throw, catch, it escapes and runs. I go to the next Pokemon at the stop, throw, catch, escape and run… and so on and so on. Can’t catch or spin anything.

So… I close Pokemon Go, go into apps, go to the Pokemon app, force stop, clear cache and restart the game and usually that fixes it. Today it wouldn’t work, tried twice, finally had to force stop, clear cache, clear files, uninstall, reboot and reinstall.

Phone itself is a Samsung S5, updated to Android 6.0.1. It’s pretty clean, as in, not bogged down with a bunch of apps or anything. I actually just did a factory reset maybe 2 months ago, installed Pokemon Go, Contest of Champions, PokieGenie, Google Fit, WiFi Transfer app and my banking app. So not a whole lot. When I play Pokemon, the only apps running are Pokemon Go and Fit… sometimes PokieGenie. So not a case of running 20 apps at once either.

Anyone else getting this issue?

Anything you have noticed on your “data network” during those time?

I do experience some hiccup even though I am now using a new phone with more memory and storage and a faster processor and GPU, with less apps used just like what you have done. Have also factory reset my old phone and reinstall PoGo and deleted other apps, somewhat making the phone as a PoGo phone… but time come that some lag is experienced and I blame the mobile coverage or connection as the culprit, since when I try to open other apps, my phone is responsive, meaning it is either on the mobile provider’s network or Pokemon Server issue, which I blame the mobile provider more than Pokemon Go as they are more prone to fail while if the issue is with Pokemon Go, a lot of players will bring the issue to attention.

Our unit’s difference though is my Asus Zenfone 3 had Android 6.0 Marshmallow as base OS and not an upgrade. It was one of my specification during my purchase last Christmas.

Well, my phone has absolutely horrible coverage in the town I live in, well… hamlet actually it’s so small. So I never play there.

When I get to town (where I work) we’re a few blocks from the cell tower so, signal strength is good and solid. I don’t notice anything weird happening when I have the issue. Usually happens here in town where I work, which is where 90% of my playing occurs.

I know (for example) if I’m driving with the app open and on the seat (not in my hand because dangerous) when I arrive at a stop and get the phone, I know it usually doesn’t like that. Going a long distance fast and then stopping at a stop. Spins and loads and usually faster to just close the app and reopen. I could see that being the case for stops not working, but, I’ve also had it happen when I open the app at a stop instead of leaving it open between stops.

That said, company phone… and they said I was due for an upgrade. Maybe time to just switch. :smiley: