Can't log in randomly


I own a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 running EU rom (MIUI10), not rooted.

My pogo account is PTC.

My issue with pogo is, that sometimes, I simply can’t log in anymore out of a sudden. E.g. I get a disconnect, restart the game and can’t log in anymore.

Sometimes i can play an entire day, next time i can’t even login a single time for straight 2 days.

it is very frustrating. Is it my phone? Is it PTC issues?

I couldn’t find anything related to this with google or anywhere else.

Thanks for any help!!

I have PTC and i have no issues. I also have a friend who has that kind of phone but has Google, but has no problems.

Sometimes turrning of and on your phone helps

Just few minutes after i created the thread here, i found this:

There is this post:

Xol TenZeroFour • a day ago
(Android - PokemonGo Club) I’d been having problems since the update Fri 22-Jun. I’ve had some sucess by going into ‘Apps’ -> ‘Application Data’, Selecting ‘Pokemon Go’ -> ‘Storage’ and then doing ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’, then rebooting the phone. (this will Clear all your PoGo Login Settings, and any Raid Groups). In effect, when you re-launch it will open as if you have just reinstalled.

And it works for me. After doing this i could log in again.


Since the phasing out of older software on apple there has been a massive increase of issues with logging in. It has affected my Android as well check to make sure you have the latest update available but if the issue continues you may need to upgrade your hardware. Your level and deck will stay in the system so a new phone can download all your game data. Hope this helps

No it doesn’t help at all.

I’m running Android 8.0, patch level may 2018. The device is about half a year old, Snapdragon 835, 6GB ram.
This phone handles everything with ease.

Well, if it is just ptc that is the issue, next time you log on, link it to a facebook account if you are able to. This may help

How may linking it to facebook help? Will it replace PTC login?

I haven’t tried it, but i think the idea is you acess your account through Facebook and not PTC

So you suggest something without even knowing, what it actually does?

You could just try it, I’m only trying to help you outo

An account merge can be permanent, without a possibility to reverse it. Therefore i’m not “just” going try it. Wasn’t meant to be rude tho, thanks anyway.

Niantic want to have trainers link their google and face book accounts to the game so it gives increased protection against loss of data and other such issues. Google is slightly safer than face book for me so my log in can be accessed through my google account. I would not want to share my information with more than one other source. Now logging issues are overcome with my google acc.

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A few more sign-in difficulties:

If you are sharing one phone for two trainers, switching trainers seems to require a pogo-restart after switching trainers:

  1. sign off from the first trainer
  2. sign in with the other trainer; notice no stops or gyms, and lots of errors trying to do anything
  3. close app and restart
  4. now the second trainer can play

You have to reset the battery-saving settings every time you change players, even if both players use the same settings (turn off music and sound effects, turn on battery saver).

And while the google sign-in remembers your email and password, you have to enter them by hand every single time you sign in to the PTC (rather tedious and error-prone with small keys and big fingers).


Those issues you’ve listed above are not just a problem if logging in and out on different accounts. It’s happing after the multitude of game freeze ups and crashes.
I spent 6hrs Raiding yesterday and 2hrs Gym busting last night. In that time I’d guesstimate I wasted 20-30min re-booting and logging back in to my acct. it’s not really good enough and frustrating.

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