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Can't log in as me from that IP address

Ive just tried logging in on my work pc which I’ve done many times before but it’s coming up with an error saying I can’t log in as pkkpokemonpkk from that IP address - I’m posting this on my phone from the same location on WiFiwhich I’m guessing might be the same IP address - any ideas what the problem is? Thanks

Thanks, I did look to see if someone had already had this issue, obviously I didnt look well enough :woman_facepalming: I’ve tried refreshing and using a different browser too and still not working. Not to worry, at least I can get on on my phone.

Do you use a proxy server at work?
If so this can block it.

your wired and wifi should be different ip address schemes if you are setup using vlans at work traditionally .

let me know what browser you are using and I can tell you how to turn it off and you can see if it will work that way.

I’ve tried Chrome and Explorer, I can get on the site, i.just can’t log in, it.looks like other people have had the same problem today though so i think the issue may be with the site rather than at my end.