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Can't find a decent Duskull (+700 CP)

I have 130 Duskull candies and I can’t found a good Duskull to evolve! Someone trade a Duskull with me? :3

Don’t bother too much with duskull, just go with a good IV one and evolve that one. As far as I know, dusknoir isn’t even that good. You’re better off with gengar :slight_smile:

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Really? ;-;
(My Gengar is actually pretty good)

Really. Dusknoir looks cool, but gengar is just a better ghost type. Do evolve a duskull to dusknoir, for you will need the Pokédex register

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Never used dusknoir in battles at all. For ghosts I use Giratina Origin and gengar

69 ghost types. Nice


Those Giratinas :0 insane

I’d love to give you the Duskull of your wishes, but unfortunately you need to be close to each other in order to be able to trade, so I don’t think I’ll be able to do that…

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i kinda suspect you want a high cp duskull to evolve, seeing the topic name.
IV are more important then CP.

That said, it’s just a duskull, and it has no use even after evolving. So if you just want it for the pokedex just evolve any you like.Ypu’ll get new candy. If you want a good one (and with good i mean IV, and not high CP), just be patient. The event last another week and even after that Halloweeen is around the corner. Enough time to get a good one.

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Concurring here. I took a hundo Dusknoir to level 40, thinking it might be a beast in battle; but relegated it to Useless Collectable status very shortly thereafter. G-O and Gengar are probably the only Ghost types deserving of meaningful investment… unless one has a Shadow Ball Mewtwo, that is. :wink:

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It really is a paperweight. I like collecting hundos, but that doesn’t mean I’ll use them. Until it learns the elemental punches, I don’t think it will be any use in PvP either.

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