Cant buy tickets for Pogo: Kanto tour for my children

My boys (10 and 11) are not allowed to do purchases on their own devices. To buy pokecoins, community day tickets etc. for them, I log in to their trainer accounts on my device. The ticket for the Kanto Tour (20. Februar) does not appear when logged into the boys’ accounts. Why is that?

Sold out

I dont think so. The ticket appears in the shop when I am logged in to my own user.

Are their accounts PTC or Gmail accounts?

Ugh I’m having exactly the same problem. It just goes to a white screen when I try to buy the ticket on his device, but it works fine when I buy it under my user. I would just log in as my son on my device, but I can’t figure out my user name and password! Been texting support for days with no luck!

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