Cancelling pending friend requests

When I make a friend request, is there a way for me to cancel it before the recipient has acted on it?

I don’t think there is, but I may be wrong.

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I “like” your reply, not because I like what it says, but because I like that you replied. You are one of those whom I thought might know the definitive answer to this.

It disappoints me not to be able to retract an errant request – either one sent by mistake to the wrong trainer, or one sent in hopes of a remote raid, whose host trainer either crashed or ran away or had more requests than slots for invitations.

If I have leftover friend requests that I won’t be able to incorporate into a raid, I will make the effort to accept them and then de-friend them, so that if they want a future raid that I’m hosting, their friend request won’t give them an ERROR (which is just what it will do if I reject their invitation)…

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I suspected that error was true if someone declined a friend invite. A while ago, I added someone from the PoGo Tokyo group on Line. Then later they asked if I could add them again, but now I get that error. I’ve been thinking that they accidentally pressed decline on the invitation.
I don’t really expect to be able to withdraw friend invites, but that error should be rectified. I have admittedly declined some invites, but now I’ll try not to do that.

To undo the error condition, the one getting the error needs to have the other person send the request. THEIR request won’t error, and that will clear the block.

I strongly suspect the ‘feature’ was deliberately added to deal with people who won’t take NO for an answer, and just keep sending requests when somebody rejects them. Whether you’d call it stalking or just harassment, it happens, and it’s not cool.

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Oh ok, somehow I thought it’d be blocked both ways but glad to know that’s not the case. Thanks.

Yeah, I get the stalking problem. Maybe there should be an option to disclose the location of gifts as well.
But I was thinking like a second chance invite correction for anyone that made a mistake.

Can’t you find that by clicking on the gift and then clicking on the image that shows, then “show in map”?

I didn’t realise I could look at the other photos, but what I meant was the option whether to show it or not. If not, then it just appears as a normal gift without any photos and location. Might help with the stalking thing.

Can we send gifts to non-friends? I suppose if you’re in the habit of entering friendships with people you don’t know, then having a friend turn weird and start stalking you is a risk that could exist, whether it’s an in-game friend or a real-life one.