Best legendary catch rate

Only for people who have done legendary raids

  • Moltres
  • Articuno
  • Zapdos
  • Entei
  • Suicane
  • Raikou
  • Ho-ho
  • Lugia
  • Groudon
  • Rayquaza
  • Kyogre
  • Latios/latias

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1/1 groudon 4/6 cross 2 accounts lugia 2/3 each no shiny. I know someone did 3 lugia 3 shiny one 98%

Mewtwo, 7/8, caught 3 on Pinap

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I want to see more answers since I got 1/1 on Latias and on Articuno.

And what does the empty one mean

Empty one at bottom is for 2 answers specify at bottom

It was accidental at time but found a use

I’m 100% on all legendaries!

I put Lugia because that was my 1 legendary raid.

Alright, this should be fun:

Articuno: 7/17
Zapdos: 11/14
Moltres: 12/17
Mewtwo: 11/11 = 100%
Raikou: 36/61
Entei: 10/16
Suicune: 4/13 = 30%
Lugia: 31/51
Ho-oh: 18/31
Latias: 24/28 = 85%
Kyogre: 50/86
Groudon: 62/75 82%
Rayquaza: 58/81

So Mewtwo 100% but it has a higher catchrate. Along with 2 or 3 damage balls, and pretty much always splitting per team for another 2 balls that doesnt really make it hard to catch.
Latias is going pretty well so far, but Groudong with 82% might just snatch that first place after a couple more raids. Fun fact: the only good Latias i ever encountered (the 4th) was the first to ran away.

Lugia 3 for 5
Groudon 3 for 5
Kyogre 2 for 9
Rayquaza 5 for 9
Latios 2 for 10

Guys, has anyone got a worse catch rate on a certain legendary

than I have?

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I have a 100% catch rate on raid moltres .True, i only battled two but still

Poke: Seen/Caught
Mewtwo: 2/2
Entei: 9/3
Suicune: 24/12
Lugia: 18/13
Ho-oh: 18/10
Groudon: 28/15:
Kyogre: 21/15:
Rayquaza: 38/19
Latios: 31/17

Latios is being a real pain. Except for Mewtwo, it seens I always get a 50% rate on every legendary.

JMHO but the min requirement to get any sort of % comparison should be around 10 Raids of a type.

Haven’t done enough raids to give good numbers but pretty sure mewtwo acctually has one of the highest catch rates on pure numbers? Correct me if I’m wrong… but also if your gold in the gym where you do the raid I’m pretty sure that effects catch rate two but not in other raids? Thinking I saw mewtwo has a 30%+ catch in a gold gym with a golden razz

Youre wrong :wink:
A higher gym badge only gives you more XP and more items when you spin the gym.



Yup read go hubs article wrong it the psychic catch medal the has the effect (obviously) but it does that with a gold medal, ultra ball, carve and excellent throw and golden razz mewtwo has a roughly 40% catch rate

I like this.

Helps me keep tab on catch rates for legendary raids for myself & my gf. Nerdish but I like to track my progress.
I do the same with XP, dust, catches & stops spun :laughing:

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