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Best Easily Obtainable Pokémon

I’m in a grass biome and here the temperature can go to -15 in winter

The spawn rates of Pokémon can be different to everybody. Some are more common to @ImNotReallyANerd, whilst some other are more common to @ProGamer21. It just works like that. There are no ‘common’ Pokémon except some normal type Pokémon.

I think there is no way to explain to the people, that their own experiences never are usefull for a global announcement.

What is frecuent in one site, is rare in another. What is rare today, is frecuent tomorrow.

So, please, especially @ProGamer21, never call somebody a dude etc when he has not the same ideas as you. We like to be more friendly between us.


Outside of events i have only seen 10 exeggcute since july '16. I live in the UK. Plenty of Mr mime tho :expressionless:

I see a lot of grass and water types, but the last time I caught a rock type was in february. I have never caught a sandshrew (have some from eggs though) outside an event

And I can catch Sandshrew every two hours, that’s the spawnrate of this mon here at the beach…


Curious but how many bellsprout have you caught and seen?

When did you start to play?

Are you consistent?

Dude are you serious? And you’ve been playing consistently since the beginning?

Started in august 200 bellsprout seen 150 caught relatively consistent (no large breaks)

They seemed to be really common at the start, then go away for a while and now they’re quite common again

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August 2017?

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lol like 30 of each i ignore them. but seen like 300-400

lol dont call someone a dude. jesus. are we in 1229? No we’re in 2018. Everyone calls people dudes. I say it to all my friends

Yes, outside of events they are really rare for me as a semi-urban player


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