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Best Damage Output to Raid Bosses, a must have article still waiting from the Hub

I understand how the game works perfectly, but truely never seen anything like this. Just confused :thinking:

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I haven’t done a Venusaur yet, so I can’t speak specifically to it, but I’ve seen mixed results with Snorlax and Blastoise. My wife and I took a Snorlax to below 50% with 2 of us but barely got to the same spot with 3. The difference I saw between the attacks was how lucky or unlucky we got with dodges, more specifically how unlucky we were where the lag caused the Pokémon to take damage then have the HP returned. The critical loss of time, plus damage taken made a world of difference in the need result.

The other thing you don’t know is how much time the other guys spent dodging, and what moves they had. If they had fire types with flying, electric or dark moves it wouldnf have done as much damage as fire moves, I’ll also mention I see a vast difference between my 2700-2800 CP Pokémon vs 2000-2100 Pokémon on terms durability and damage.

I don’t know how Niantic can deal with lag any better, I would just say they should error for the players, and worst case you get extra damage that the customer isn’t upset about rather than what we have currently.

True, the others were lvl 28 and said "they were using fire types, bu. That doesn’t mean their moves were. Mine were though and I figured my beast/maxed out fire squad would of been a little more damaging. The boss did have solar beam, but that move is easier to dodge then most because of the flash. I’m sure it’s HP is a little more tankier then most lvl 4 raids tho. It for sure made me take a step back and focus more on my favorite fire mons. I beat a Gengar, Arcanine solo, all lvl 1 & 2 obviously. So those squads seem set. I also wish you could see another’s avatar if they’re within range of a gym raid. That would be dope. Thanks for the response :v:t2:

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So tonight I did a tyranitar raid with 5 others. There were 2 from team valor, me and another lvl 34 and 37. We did 60% of the damage in the raid, the 4 from Mystic were lvl 20-27. I know we were dealing super effective damage on the valor team. I guess my point is that lvl and super effective damage make a huge impact.

I’m sure you’ll get there the next time.

What I would like see to be implemented one day is how much damage (dps and total damage) I do against a raid boss and how much damage I take. This way I could optimize my teams.

And maybe it would be an idea to give the player with the highest total damage an extra ball.

Both have variables associated with them that would make it exponentially more difficult to calculate.
DPS is based on a “per second” damage quantum delivered by your mon, which also relies on CP, fast & charge moves you have (amongst other underlying variables). If you miss one charge move once it has built up, the resultant “DPS” will be lower than the actual DPS for those move sets because you haven’t delivered the damage over the same amount of time.
Damage taken, you can probably work out by adding up the sum total of your admired mons’ HP before you revive them. But again the underlying factors that are used for your specific mon, with your specific movesets & HP compounded to cater for how many successful dodges you complete would make that quite involved.
Having said that there are probably subreddit threads where all of this has already been worked out.
Optimizing your teams - perhaps check out Trainer Tips or similar for pointers on optimal teams / mons to use to attack the Legendaries & other Raid bosses if you haven’t already.
I like the idea of the additional ball for the most damage dealt in a raid but also think that the current bonuses are sufficient - they’re legendary & should be difficult to catch otherwise they would be devalued far too much (imagine if they were as easy to catch as a lvl 1 pidgey… there would be no challenge at all).

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Thanks for this very useful list @tomsharpe100!

Articuno and Lugia hasn’t been added yet I see.

Is Lugia a nice addition to fight Machamp for example? Could it be better than Espeon or Alakazam?


I found this:


Conclusion: it’s not better than Espeon or Alakazam when it comes to attacking.

I just found out that players that do most damage during a raid already get extra balls!

3 extra balls for the player that does most damage
2 extra balls for number 2
1 extra ball for number 3

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That is the best thing about being the highest level player in my community I always get two or three extra balls :grinning:

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And one of the worst things surrounding “air support” spoofers. If you alert them to a raid you’re going to take down be leary, the high level spoofers out there (39&40) will do higher DPS to the raid boss and be awarded more balls.