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Articuno Is Back?!

Really @leonk98?! You don’t have any legendaries?

Yup I’m rural but I got my friends back into the game and we can do lvl 3 raids at the highest

I also went into Belfast during the pre-safari zone event and we did 6 or 7 Lugias and I got mugged off

It’s a miserable fact.:sob: Sorry to hear that from you.

What?! You’re the same as @leonk98, @bagguille?

Who are you talking about? Who is the the same as me and @bagguille

Oh I’m asking @bagguille if he is in the same situation as you, not someone else.

I’m glad they’re back for the people who don’t have them. Personally, I’ve caught 30 legendaries and have at least five of each (except no mewtwo)…well my region just got entei, so I only have two of those right now and haven’t had a chance at suicune yet.

I wish everyone that plays the game would get an opportunity to fill their dex. if this helps some people in Europe get another chance at some they may have missed, then good for them. However, this isn’t going to help the people that don’t have enough help to do a legendary raid in their area. Niantic says the right things about the rural players, but they haven’t really done anything to back up their words


Just To Let You Know, This Was A Mistake On Niantic’s Part. There Were Only 7 Raids Across both Safari Zones.

Not really the same situation, @Yoshi I was for 2 and a half month living at a beach with just one Pokestop accessable, and every two hours a Sandshrew, allways in the same place. This way I have lost a lot of posibilities for legendaries.
But apart I don’t like the Raids, I’m a collector. Until now I have made I think 3 Raids to see if I could like them, but no.
And clearly this way I will never receive an invitation to ex-raids.
But I can live with this. The holes in my Pokedex are there because of my fault, and maybe some day I can fill them with a future exchange-tool.


I’m a Pokemon collector as well. My final objective is to fill up the entire pokedex. (all gens)

Not everything requires a poll. We have been getting poll overkill the past few days.

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Perhaps a poll is required to see if all agree…? :joy: