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Are you bored of Giratina?

But it will be unless it will get better moves what is highly unlikely. Heatran should be best fire type in the game however it will stay behind moltres if niantic decides to keep fireblast for heatran

From what Ive read flareon with flamethrower is faster than fireblast heatran

@moderators close this topic, giratina raids are over.

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Maybe it’s time to talk about already being bored with Deoxys, instead?

I dont even have deoxys yet, and when I do, it will happen during school days

Just bagged my fourth (and weakest so far) this afternoon. The site was fenced-off for re-construction, and the rain doused much of the usual buzz. But about 20 trainers showed up, and I still like it better than Giratina.