AR+ Dilemma, Help appreciated

Hello everyone, I need some help. So my phone isn’t compatible with ARCore but I downloaded and APK to use it and it works, however when I try to encounter something with AR+ active it does a close up on the Pokemon in the overworld and freezes. The music is still going in the background so it’s not a lock up. Would you say the game is loading in AR+ or is it just not compatible even with ARCore? Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Restart the game
And check if your phone should be compatible

It isn’t compatible but I downloaded an apk for Arcore and it’s fine but when I try to actually use ar+ is when it gives up I guess

If its not compatible with your device and its not working, what else do you expect? :man_shrugging:


Do you have any other apps that use ARCore functionality so that you can test it? For example the Google Camera offers AR stickers (at least my old Pixel had that) to add to the camera picture, or Jurassic World Alive has a functionality where you can put a dinosaur in your environment by AR,…

Just because you can install something doesn’t mean it will run without errors.

And shouldnt post like this go to support category at least?

If its not compatible dont try to use it, its not that complicatef

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I was hoping to trick my phone into thinking it can I suppose… Was worth a shot :+1:

I thought the support category was for the forums/website as a whole not catered to the game but more the community.

I know but I want that extra stardust and xp for using ar+ can ya blame me?

You might get something working but it always will cause more hassle than comfort if your device is not suitable. Once I ignored warning that my samsung tablet is not compatible with pogo, I got it working but it was extremely laggy and features such as incense wasnt working at all… warnings there are not for no reason

What you mean by extra xp and stardust?

I was watching a video and when you get super close to it you get this bonus, I forget what it’s called

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Expert handler bonus it’s called

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Bloody hell, you live and you learn, but if its not working on certain devices then its nothing significantly worth upgrading it imo


That’s true, and it’s probably a hell of a battery killer lol

I’ve never bothered with AR mode but extra bonus has me wondering if I turn it on then will catching on the Gotcha/ Go Plus give me the bonus?

I doubt it, you only get the bonus for going right up next to the Pokemon in AR+. I imagine gotcha/go+ won’t count it for going super close to the Pokemon.

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