Anyone experiencing problem with CD Asia Pacific Region?

So slow for now, still figuring it out if its on phone, network or server. But I was playing fine before the CD kicks in.

The game is generally laggy the last 24 hours

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It got fixed for 2 hours

Got network error for almost an hour, luckily becomes smoother after that. I don’t know but it seems cyndaquil keeps spawning after the sched and still find one or two and four the most up until two more hours (up till 4PM, 11AM-2PM is the CD sched in our local time zone).

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CD was a massive fail once again at the start in Australia which for those that don’t know is in the Asia Pacific Region.
I had 2mins at the start that was ok than the spinning circle of death invaded the game for 1hr 20min on PTC acct and 1hr 5min on Google acct before the game server issues were fixed.
We got a 2hr extension of CD as compensation.

I still can’t cmprehed how they can keep having these problems after how many CD’s now?


Seems like we’re in the same region and server, same issue and same notice of 2 hour extension, but I have not maximized it coz I got some things to attend to after the 3-hour CD sched.

If problem still persists, then perhaps they have not anticipated that people might be increasingly becoming active every CDs… They should upgrade their system and resources for increasing capacity because more and more are being aware of the CDs benefits to players and that is why more are getting in the event each succeeding months.

Me myself does not give a damn the first couple months of CDs, but since it was always marketed by NIantic, I get into it by the time of Squirtle CDs only.


I and many others are dreading the day Bagon is the CD day.


It’s becoming a routine it seems for that region to lag heavy.

My CD was a write off. First hour and a half had nothing at all. Second hour and a half was slow, glitchy and buggy. Niantic extended the CD for an extra 2 hours which was a waste for me as I had to get my kids back to their mum and their friends home to their parents. Really sucky day. I think the thing that ripped me the most was the star dust. It was a lost opportunity for me to crack the million mark on dust and that’s what I’m most gutted by.

Additionally, I don’t want a second CD day as a make up. Why would I want to deal with that again? Lol

Yeah man, me too! Was fortunate to catch a shiny first one I clicked on but two minutes later, boom, nothing for an hour and a half except for flattened battery packs and upset kids