Anybody who knows what has happened here?

Same gym, same time, same amount of Berries, same person, perhaps even same account?

(The files were too big sadly.)

Anybody who knows what has happened here?

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Or can you just use the nickname twice?


The trainer with dragonite is named timskrause and the venusaur is TLMSKRAUSE (capitalization so you can see the difference.) I used to use scratch, a programming website, and saw 2 people of the same name but they just used this trick. You can notice that the “I”s in both names are slightly different because one of them is an I and the other is an L.


I don’t see it, but thanks man.
Very strange.

Now I see it!

Or one of them is an i and one of them is a number one or a small L. I use the number five four S’s and I use a zero for the letter o

I haven’t seen it yet xD.

But still
Same level, same clothes, dropped pokemon at same time, same amount of berrys.

I haven’t seen it either very weird maybe a spoofer who changes his name Andy has put them in the gym or it’s a family namenturned upnsame time

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