Another EX Raid!

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bogus… I have done sponsored raids and still have nothing but there are people by me that barely raid and have gotten every single raid pass handed out so far… kind of annoying

I got one today after completing the ex raid at 12. So you get a ex invite for participating in an ex raid. Nice!

That’s what annoying many and mainly the ones that have put in many hours of play time.

I Got One!!! They all take place on Friday midday

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Even though you have been invited to participate the Ex raid, the time is fixed. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to join Ex raid like @Elevatorisbest, it’s meaningless to get an invitation.

People are right: We have family, work, studies, responsibility. Not all of the lucky ones may join Ex raids. Niantic should adjust the Ex raid system.

Yeah, I need to work out how to get there at that time

Niantic leave typical region alone. A rigid system does not work well. We know Hong Kong is a city fill up with stress and pain. People always work overtime. How can those people participate in Ex raids during the daytime.


Yea. I like Pokemon Go but i wont run from school for something virtual.

Yeah it’s just a game, but nothing in reality. Unless you’re a youtuber, there’s no way you could escape from lessons/stay away from your post because of Ex raids.

I am waiting for my luck, done 130 Legen Raids so far, happy with anything that I have got and happy waiting for Mewtwo to cath (:smile:)

I’ve gotten a total of three now. The group used to be large enough for three waves of raiding with around ten to fourteen people in each group, but for this third one we’ll be lucky if we get 12 for one raid group.

One of the Raids here in Adelaide was a massive flop.
Only 4 people showed up so they timed out.
I know 12 of us regulars that Raided that Gym numerous times in the weeks before the passes were issued where the Raid was and never got an invite.
Quite funny and quite sad at the same time.
I know one of the guys that missed out that went to watch is going to file a report ticket on the fail that transpired.
The ones at other locations only had small numbers of 8, 10 and 12 from the reports on discord.
I guess we’ll never know how many were sent out v how many actually showed up.

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Because I live in a small town, it was fairly easy to know who was coming to ours. We all made a WhatsApp group and talked about our battle plans and other things. What amazed me was that only 1/2 the group that got the EX pass actually lived in my town. There were people that Came from 15,20 miles away for this thing.
I feel bad for those at the Adelaide one. Maybe that should be an improvement, it says on the pass how many got the invite?

I didn’t get one this time but my country has no sponsored stops/gyms at least from what I’ve seen. I don’t know if this is affecting thing’s ?

This is another issue. It does appear that Sponsored gyms give you the best chance of an invite, especially the JIO gyms (India) and Starbucks gyms (US+Canada). A lot of areas don’t have any sponsored stops whatsoever.

Yes Scotland does have no sponsored stops etc …

Same for me (England). There are still EX raids though, but not as many

One of my friends got a pass and I met one guy who got mewtwo

Guys another mewtwo is going to happeni in Hyde Park in London. The gym is WELCOME TO HYDE PARK. I know because I got my first EX RAID PASS here. It is going to happen in 18 November from 3:00PM-3:45PM. Isn’t it great.Everybody that lives in London go raid there.

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