An idea to make raids easier for solo players

From personal experience I can beat all level 3 raids with 3 people but can’t beat any level 4 raids with everyone I know who plays Pokemon go - a group of 6, we even got eight for Tyranitar and failed. We weren’t the highest combined level to be fair. The legendaries were the most annoying. I got zapdos, moltres and entei, I lost to an articuno when our big group did maybe about 10% of its health in time. I was in A group that beat lugia but couldn’t catch it. It was after these irritating experiences (I also had a perfect IV entei run away from my 2nd account) I decided to stop doing the legendary raids. I stuck to my level 3 raids and powered up my zapdos all the way. So I was thinking of a balancing move by Niantic to stop the annoyances in the battle system from being as bad. It’s a pretty simple move and I think they should lower the raid cp for less people but keep it high for the groups. They could make it that if you went up against a legendary on your own you had a chance at getting it just like in the main games. It means that people like me could see a legendary raid on the nearby and get excited rather than disappointed because I can’t use that gym for battles/berries for 2 hours. The alternative (I would almost prefer this a bit) is they start a quest system for the legendaries or offer them in eggs etc. This wouldn’t only be for legendaries though. People who live in areas without enough people to do even level 4 raids would benefit hugely. As for players without a gym in their town, they really need to look into getting a gym and pokestops submission system inside pogo itself.

EDIT: Just for clarification I went to a city on a trip and got my first legendaries there. Entei was later on in the city again.

EDIT 2: I realise now that the 2 hours thing is wrong - it’s 45 mins.

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  1. The boss time is 45 minutes, not 2 hours
  2. Why the living hell should they give out legendaries to anybody who doesnt have high enough level?
    We can do a TTar in 4 and thats counting one guy that, while he does have high enough level doesnt have as good Mons for the boss (he leveled up during the holiday events)
    What you talk about is just lack of determintation to get your levels high enough (and probably use good Pokémon)

Also, how would lowering the CP work for you?
You would still need to be strong to beat it even if it would be about as strong as a level 3 raid

My area doesn’t have that many high level players - only a couple of us are above lv30
Lol I just remember you can still use gym during egg :stuck_out_tongue:
I feel like if they made the CP lower so that level 4 raids were not soloable but maybe doable in groups of 2 or 3 without high levels (one of us is level 22) . That way there is still a nice teamwork aspect but it might mean that in our group of 6 medium level players (22/25/29/29/33/35) we can still beat raikou, and have a chance to catch it.

I have strong Pokemon but I guess that if the CP was lower then we might be able to beat it easier.


That would water them down tremendously, you could just jump with three people and give Raikou a beating of his life
If they were to make the raid possible for 2-3 lower levels, 2/3 players alone could just beat up legendaries
The way the system is now, you need to be both far in the game and have friends that are as well (or you can just get carried by strong friends)
Legendaries shouldnt be handed out this easily


To be fair I think the raid system is quite balanced. You have to put effort into your account though to be able to raid with less people.

To put it in perspective, I can do a Raikou, Entei, and Suicune raid with 4-5 people. I can do a Tyrannitar, Golem, or Rhydon raid with 3 people. I can solo most 3 star raids myself. I am level 37.

If you failed a Tyrannitar raid with 8 people that just means most trainer levels were too low and/or you didn’t have strong type match ups (e.g. fighting).

Just work on identifying which raids you want to work towards and look up which Pokemon are strong against the raid boss. Get proper move sets, increase your trainer level and power up your Pokemon. Look for raid bosses with double weaknesses (e.g. Tyrannitar is Dark/Rock which are both weak to Fighting, Golem and Rhydon are Rock/Ground which are both weak to Water/Grass). The raids may be tough now, but they do get easier over time.

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Understand where you’re coming from but lots of people have difficulty at lower levels and legendaries are meant to be difficult. Once you start leveling up & powering up your mons, it gets easier.
We’ve all had to go through the grind, be it pre-gym rework battling & training up gyms to get gold Battle girl & Ace trainer badges, participating in lure parties while burning incense to build stardust, XP & candy or just grinding catches.
I think it would devalue them for those of us who have had to put in the effort to level up so we can raid with less people & catch them.