Advice: A precious reward for all the hard work

To all Pokemon GO trainer,

Well, I’ve never thought of receiving a Ex raid pass. I almost have given up on filling the full set of pokedex and staying below the average strength of Pokemon GO trainer. However, the Ex raid pass I received has lighted up my mind! At the beginning, I deeply thought that it’s not gonna happen at any time, especially given that I’m a free-to-play trainer and not doing raids commonly. After all, seems like the precious reward has blown my mind. It has awoken me not to give up until the last minute. It tells me weep trying will eventually reach the goal.

I relieved that all the effort and time I put into Pokemon GO deserves a Ex raid pass and are not totally wasted. For all of the trainer who still hasn’t received any Ex raid passes, believe in yourself, don’t give up and one day you’ll find it’s possible.

Adversely, for those who have already got over 10 raid pass, please don’t get conceited. There’re still a lot of people who are working extremely hard just to obtain their 1st raid pass. Please take good use of each passes you’ve got and be grateful. You’re one of the luckiest trainer in the world.

To conclude, no matter the Ex raid system is perfected or not, everyone should not give up on obtaining the Ex raid pass and work together. It’s just a matter of time. Hopefully everyone will stand at least a chance to do Ex raid. Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,


Yoshi- I am happy for you for receiving your first EX raid pass! I received one during a messed up distributation of passes for a gym that I raided at over two months before. Sadly, the gym was over four hours away and I could not attend. I enjoyed your Yoshi and Din ideas for Pokemon go and congratulations for many of your ideas making it and coming into the game soon!

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My advice is to hit that gym for raids as often as possible. It took me forever to get my first ex pass. I received my first a month ago and I just received my third today and all at the same gym. I still don’t have a mew2 with decent IVs, but if I get a 90 or higher this time, I’m dumping most of my rare candy into him.

Good luck to you on your first encounter! (He’s much easier to catch than other legendaries)

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I don’t get EX passes and even if I get an EX pass it is on a date when I am far away so I stopped believe in Mewtwo

I was in the same situation. I’ve only started raiding somewhat regularly after work in the evenings, and I had assumed I’d never get an EX pass. Have one for tomorrow and I can’t wait! No matter what the IVs, I’ll be over the moon if I catch a Mewtwo. Anyone who played the main series games growing up knows how special catching him was in that dark cave so getting one in Pokemon Go will be even better! Good look for your EX raid

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i got the fluke raid pass, but my rotten luck, it ran. no parks with gyms near me so i give up.:pensive:

Congrats on the EX Raid pass, Yoshi. I just hit Level 38 yesterday but I don’t do enough raids at the right places to probably ever get one. I hope you catch Mewtwo!

Thanks to my precious reward, I finally got my first Mewtwo.


Getting another one today, hopefully he will have IVs
Congrats on the catch!

That’s awesome, Yoshi, you deserve it.

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Massive well done to you, I know how hard you worked to get one.

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Aaaand I’ve got a 2206CP trash Mewtwo
But hey, at least I’ve saved 7 Rare Candies

If it’s your first time to obtain the Ex raid pass, please consider it as a precious reward and make good use of it. Hopefully all of you can eventually capture Mewtwo.
In case of you missed the previous raid pass, this might be your first participation and of course, good luck.

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I guess Niantic does not like me…

What iv?
I got 1 Mewtwo 89 iv
And another EX raid pass (#3)

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