About the Generation III category

Generation III category is for discussing all things Gen III related: abilities, Pokemon, meta changes, guides, etc…


In my opinion I think we don’t need a category for gen 3 but ‘including all Pokemon’ and a separate category for ‘evolutions’. As an example, abilities are also available for previous generations since it was introduced in gen 3.

It should be categorized into ‘Pokemon generations’, in which all gens are belong to this category.

If we make every generation a category, it might be confusing. So ya, ‘gen 3’ should be merged with other gens. Furthermore, ‘evolution’ is considerable for it’s individual category.

What should these 2 categories/subcategories include?
Pokemon generations:
Pokemon’s stats, Pokemon in special cases, shiny Pokemon, abilities

Evolutions: (subcategory)
Evolution items, types of evolution, mega evolution

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Gen 3 can be a subcategory though.

@Yoshi, don´t discuss anything… maybe your right, but as well @apavlinovic. It will do no harm to let it go as it is.

Umm I’m just giving advices to help building GO Hub Forum. I’m not going to discuss anything right here. Also, I’m answering @apavlinovic’s question and that’s it.

I think the obvious sign of the full gen III release would be a move-reroll. AKA make some moves stronger, remove some bad moves from move pool and then they release it.

I think gohub is doing alot better then it was last year, they are getting the fan support back but here in Canada in my area anyway we still see small untrue statements get released voa

What is your target? GO Hub Forum or simply GO Hub?

I stopped playing the other games after gen two, so I know almost nothing about all of the future generations. I’ve tried watching some videos on YouTube to learn the basics, but going into this kind of blind is a little exciting

Looking forward to the new content…raids were fun, but it’s been almost three straight months of raiding and the participation in my area has fallen off a cliff. I hope gen 3 energizes some of the casual players

Perhaps the addition of a subcategory of #generation 5 and up?