About iv of mythical pokemin

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On one hand I think your quite right, but on the other hand, they are not so important. So, having oneis nice enough, whatever IV he has.
Thinking that Niantic will change this, I think it will stay as a dream.


I doubt it ever changes, no. I think these are intended to only be caught once and whatever IVs they have are what you’re stuck with.

A way to “train” Pokemon to try and improve IVs could be nice, though I’m not sure how they’d implement that. Seems like it would be too easy to abuse and would cheapen “hunting” for high IV Pokemon.

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I dont believe it would cheapen hunting good iv pokemon at all.
If changing iv would cost a significant amount of stardust/candies/coins, and by changing i mean reroll exactly like the way it works on trading, nobody will use this unless hes really have to,
like in a case he has only one of a kind pokemon or a legendary that rarely appears in raids. At any other option of catching another one, even at rare ocassions, it wouldnt be worth it.
Thats simply because a player (by most chances) would probably use this option several times (and therefore pay a pretty big price asuming it is done by an expensive item in the store, for example) until he reroll a good iv…
And in my opinion the chance for having it is the only reasonable and fair thing to do eventually.

It won’t surprise me at all if one day they introduce some form of training to help improve IVs or bottlecaps to give your Pokemon perfect IVs. If that ever gets implemented a trainer could chose to improve IVs if so inclined.