A theory that may help you to catch raid bosses better

Hey folks,
There is a theory that using a nanab berry at first throw will save you a great deal of premier balls.
They believe that the nanab berry will carry over after the raid boss break out. We only need to use 1 nanab berry at a very first throw, then Golden Razz Berries on out. This guy us now running this research, although not confirmed, very high possibility. In his post, he show lots of statics that the mon stop moving so much hence we dont have to waste so many balls.
Its only 1 throw, i think i might give it a try since gid knows how much balls i wasted for these legendaries. Here is the original post you can further read more & good luck with legendaries raid :wink:


So basically, if you savage season a raid boss, you are more likely to catch it? LOL. Maybe they did that for mystic7! XD
Anyways, I may give it a try! Thanks for the info.

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Haha still waiting for his reaction after knowing about this :smiley:
Its not really savage when they wont run is it:p finally good use for them berries

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My test of the theory:

I found a Moltres raid at Westminster Abbey, beat the raid. I have 7 balls to capture it. I savage season the first throw (1821 CP). It breaks out and the game crashes. I savage season again (the CP went up for some reason, was now 1834) and I catch it. Don’t know if it was related, but it appears to work quite well.

I’ve seen trainers have a higher capture rate on Legendary birds (better luck) by turning on the AR feature and throwing a few balls and then turning it off and throwing some balls at it without AR on. Anyone experienced the same?

Run out of raid passes, will have to test that though…

Is it just me the cp is the sane regardless if the app refreshes or not. I remember it used to be different. After the update , i experienced from today was the tyranitar & 2 lugia raid. They were really bad IV so i refresh the app and it shows higher CP (better IV). So basicly, after i refresh the app, it shows different CP but when i actually caught them its the same cp as the first one. I think Niantic has found a way to prevent the abuse of farming 100% which sucks. All raid bosses i caught today are below 80% iv which is so annoying

No i havent but why not if there is a good view!

So I was going to try the trick, but when I went into the catch challenge, I had no nanab berries! XD I still got the Moltres with golden razz though. Someone who was there at the raid tried the trick, and said it didn’t help at all (theirs ran after 11 balls)

You will never get statistically significant data on this berry trick. I doubt there is an Easter egg for this, I think it is just luck coupled with a small sample size giving people the perception that it works.

This was a known glitch. Sorry to crush your hopes but when you catch it the CP goes back to the original.

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Oh thanks for the tip. But its so frustrating that i kept getting under 80% legendary. I mean its such a waste of raid passes. Shouldnt them be above 80% at least. I dont have any above 90 lugia and i kept getting like ‚Äúur pokemon is strong‚ÄĚ, my stomach drops everytime ;(

I think they move less rapidly for sure. I have tried it. It doesnt necessary mean u will get them. It just means that they will stay still for a bit longer, so we dont have to toss a bunch of balls cuz they keep attacking. They slow down for the next few balls for me I noticed!

I‚Äôve had three critical catches of legendary bosses‚Ķwhat‚Äôs the rate on those anyway 1/100 also tried the banana :banana: trick and it worked, at least tonight‚Äč:+1:t2:

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Tried it and it works! Alternate nanab and golden razz, was 1/11 on lugias today(occational excellents and consistent greats with golden razz), caught my second lugia 2day with this trick! Neat!

I did it, worked 1/2 times.

This is just extra characters

I’m going to close this topic. If you want to start a new thread under researchers unite and collect data and do an actual scientific study to gather data so we can draw conclusions based on a statistically significant sample that’s fine.