750 dust per raid?

I don’t have a star piece on, but am getting 750 dust per raid as opposed to the usual 500 dust.

Is something happening I’m not aware of?

I’m in Asia Pacific region but Beldum community day is still a little over 1.5hrs away.

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I’m not aware of anything.
Shhhh, don’t tell Niantic in case it’s a bug and they take it away :grinning:


That’s why I asked here instead of asking Niantic or putting it on twitter.


I had lucky eggs on at the time so had a theory that the eggs were not just giving double xp, but 1.5x dust as well, went and did a raid with 3 accounts, 2 with eggs on, 1 without, if the theory held true, I was expecting the 2 accounts with eggs on to get 750 dust and the other to get 500 dust, but all 3 got 750 dust.

Next I will try not having any eggs on and see what happens.

I also tried catching wild pokemon, but they still give the usual amounts of dust. If there is an event on, it must be for raids only.


Same here, catching wild Pokémon gives standard stardust, raid does give 1.5x standard stardust.

But on the other hand, the number of items from raid is decreased, normal T3 gives 19-20 items including stardust if I remember correctly, but today it only gives 14 items including stardust.

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Amount of items depends on what do you get
Rare Candies and Golden Razzies drop in bigger numbers than the TMs

GRB and healing items get nerf while stardust is 1.5x. RC and TM are still random

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Sounds like they are trying to make us do more of the low level raids or spend more time hunting and spinning stops/gyms.

I’d have no problem if Raids gave out more dust and less XP

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Raid XP remains the same so far, gift would give out healing items, so raid decreases it?

Yes, except that you can only open 20 gifts a day, where as there are no limits to the number of raids you can do a day except for money and time.

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should be 5k dust/raid but meh. Niantic is starving us with the dust

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Yep. 5000 dust would be so much better.

That’s quite a bit and a little excessive I think once you add the use of Star Piece to it.
This is what I would like to see.
1000 XP per Tier
500 Dust per Tier

Tier 5 Raid would give out 5000 XP and 2500 Dust with out Lucky Egg or Star Piece.
Use a Lucky Egg and you have 10,000 XP
Use a Star Piece and you have 3750 Dust

i really like the idea of stardust being rewarding per raiding tier. XP already has that but it would be a good motivator to increase the differences and add stardust.


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