4 Weeks of same Day Ex Raids, Is System Broken

Ex Passes went out again today making it the same for 4 weeks running now.
Is the system broken or is there a method to Niantics madness.

I have a theory that Niantic have had a roll out Date/Day for PvP to go live all along but make no firm announcements due to the amount of work involved in case something goes wrong. Imagine the triad of salt and vinegar from the masses if they announced a date way back then it never happened.
I suspect the Ex Raid days have been stopped from rolling over in the usuall pattern as that would see an Ex Raid and PvP go live fall on the same day. 2 fairly significant in game features and one of them new could ended up in problems.
My pick is PvP goes live in 2 days (the day after Ex Raids)

Please discuss

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If i remember right we had the same issue with Mewtwo… I dont think anyone actually knows why. ALOT of people want EX-raids in weekends but for some reason Niantic decides to just ignore that…

In my point yes it is broken but for me it’s because of how little gyms there are and how if there are very few gyms there is only like 2 ones in a 20km radius and both have no players that raid it’s awful