103 people... nobody wants do Raids

It’s unbelievable… I’m in a telegram group of about 103… These guys want to raid only Tyranitar… ever… No Lapras, Snorlax, Machamp or others… Just Tyranitar… It’s so sad…

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Almost same here, from 3.9K ppl there are only less then 10 man who goes for raid at all, and only and one dude which I’ve meet from group go 3-4 star raids no matter it is. except rhydon and after last accident blastoise

What time of day are you trying to get people to attend Raids? During the workday it is probably hard for most people to get out and play. You’ll see some of that on Saturday as well or people who work we can just leave to go play game.

It also might be something do with the price of the rate pass and not wanting to pay to catch Pokémon already have or it could be that they don’t understand how valuable Pokémon like machamp are in the current meta.

I personally participate to try and get TMs, I don’t need anything except Machamp and Ttar, but do want to improve the moves on several mons, and I wouldn’t Be as active if I didn’t want them.

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As Thorend said, I’m active in any raids, purely to try and get TM’s. I work in day and family at w/e so I usually solo stuff or go for the odd tier 3 if I feel like I can, not got time to sot out joining tir 4’s.

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I am after the TM’s there seem to be two types of raiders in my area large groups that driving around only doing Ttar and then smaller groups who will raid lvl 3 and lvl 4, this group is thinking about the future and ensuring they have a good set of all meta types. I personally can not resist a machamp :heart_eyes:

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I haven’t bought a raid pass yet, so I’m just using my dailies. I do agree that most people seem to be holding out for a ttar. If something good comes up and I’ve already used my pass I’ll buy one, but other than that I probably won’t. If I don’t come across something good I’ll try to make sure I use my pass on a level two on my way home…ended up soloing a magmar today

I do wish more people would do lvl 3 raids as I haven’t been able to successfully raid a machamp or an alakazam yet because I never have help. I’ve been able to get a snorlax and a ttar because people are willing to do those. I don’t even bother with the eeveelutions or charizard/blastoise/venusaur because no one ever tries those in my area.

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Yeah. If you didn’t get to battle everything early your gonna have a hard time getting help on starters or rhydon. Especially don. Nobody wants him.

Also, I think Snapritaur is an easier fight then venasaur or charizard. Funny, huh? But yeah, sludge bomb venasaur is the hardest thing I’ve fought. So, I ain’t helping you with that.

Pretty much, alt account users actually do lots of good here. Making up for all the evil things they do. Multi free raid passes is power, and you help late comers when it’s something good. This dude on my team has 4 same team accounts and 2 phones. Plenty to hate when he floods gyms. But awesome when he double thumbs it as two contenders each on two snorlax.

What I do is try and get your family and friends to go out and raid with you… Because everytime I go to a raid alone, there is literally no1 else there…

:confused: For me you’re lucky, at least you know people that live in your area, I’m just doing everything solo right now, and never manage to defeat a 4 lvl Raid boss, because there is no one else… Niantic really need to put somehow a way of communication in game to “attend” to raids… like The Silph Road did… And I did try the Silph Radio in my city, just to found out that nobody else throw those Raid Beacons!!! God dammit now I’m pissed :rage: Sorry tho

I used to play solo as well. Until a couple of days ago when I ran into a group fighting a Snorlax. One of them invited me on facebook to join the local whatsapp group and we are over 135 people now. Since then raiding is much more fun. It’s really nice to meet other Pokémon players in the area. No matter what they are in. We exchange eperiences, help eachother and learn from eachother.

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