Zapdos: show me your catches!



Since we are able to fight and catch Zapdos I wonder who’s already got one.

Show me your catches please!


Here he is!


Perfect IV’s, first try


Congrats, that is an awesome catch!


Caught 3/4 today. Pretty lucky, exept for the IVs.


2/2 on zapdos so far. I have two of all of them and not by design…I caught my first two lugia and then didn’t catch the next three. Took me 7 tries to get the two articuno and caught two of my first three moltres and then didn’t get another one the next six tries.


Here they are! The one at the bottom is 93IV and I caught it from the first ball. First try. No nice/great/excellent throw. Just pure luck!


So…I went 9/9 then missed the 10th yesterday. Got him today. Haven’t seen a perfect one yet, but caught my wife an 1898 when she handed me her phone with 3 balls left. Which is pretty close. Best part? It was also our anniversary. :blush::v:t3:


After 5 attempts I finally got my first one:

Hunting time for a better one!


So many envy sensations… grrrr, a want one too!!!


Recommend traveling to nearest city and join group raids, before Zapdos leaves on Monday.


I would like to do so, but I’m on holiday until september with my family at a lonely beach without pokestops and gyms…


I’ve done okay, 8 for 12 raids.


8/10 with a 98 and 96. Zapdos has been good to me.


Just caught my 100% Zapdos! So scared I wasn’t gonna get him: caught him when I had 3 balls left! Makes up for catching only 80% or under Lugias haha.