Zangoose in Australia


How long will Zangoose be available in Australia? and will Pulsie become available as well?


I think it will be a monthly rotation, so (this is my opinion) Seviper will be back to us in February


What did they switched around ?


Zangoose and seviper switched, who knows what is next


Plusle and Minun most likely, these are the only legendaries in pairs, and they are also the only ones that have no connection to their region


We still have Minun here in Australia so I assume Plusl is still elsewhere.


Were is Seviper!!!:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Americas and Africa
This stupid 30 word minimum needs to go, really


Still haven’t seen a seviper in the US…hopefully I’ll run across one before they go back


I live in the US and I caught a Seviper tonight so I can confirm that they switched.


Is Minun exclusively in Australia as well? I have a few Pulsies so that’s what I’m assuming. I also saw a Farfetch’d at a gym last night so I’m thinking that may be available here now as well.


Exclusive to Europe, Asia and Australia at the moment, possibly will swap with Pulsi when Seviper returns


Zangoose confirmed in Europe Now.


Now? You sure it wasnt confirmed like 2 or 3 days ago?


I hadn’t seen a single regional since the switch. I was on a walk and then… A minun appeared *yawn


I’m 22/33 For Zangoose.
Got the big CP in front of my house (single spawn spot) and 100%er last night when I went for a drive to work over 5 Gyms in a small country town 30min Drive from home. Not sure if this was 1 of the 4 that were gathered around a Pokestop as I only found what it was when bag cleaning this morning.
The GfodT are for dumping in Gyms and trashed once booted out.