Your thoughts on the Zapdos day


What do you think about the Upcoming Zapdos day?

  • It’s Cool
  • I don’t like it but I don’t hate it too

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option 5: If they release raidpass-boxes i’m totally cool with it. If not, i’m a little less happy.


yeah i hope better ones than last week. those boxes werent great…


I think that the next raid day is gonna be moltres.


If you mean AFTER Zapdos…




This is a meaningless event because we all got the gen 1 Lengendary trio from the research breakthrough.


But not the shiny variants… Can’t call it meaningless.


you beat me to it. was gonna say exactly the same


Yea the Shiny isn’t meaningless
Maybe They should add Shiny gen 2 legendary dogs,
I think it will be better. Because I don’t have any of these.


Well thats not really a hard guess…

the research gave you 4 chances, at a level 15, non shiny. These events give you 5 free chances (6 if you save your friday pass) at 1 with a better moveset in just 3 hours. More if you want to spent paid passes. Its hardly meaningless if you know what your doing…


I actually like this better than Community Day. Get my five raids in, and I’m done. I had never done five raids in a day before. But following my discord, I could see that people did it for whole 3 hours. I’m sure Niantic sold many raid passes that day.


I’m a bit annoyed since I’ve invested 200k dust on a 93% Zapdos from the research breakthrough. But also happy…I hope I get atleast a 15 ATK one to give my electric team a pump.


I guess we all expected that, right?
I enjoyed the Articuno day (especially since there were 1h Lucky Eggs and double raid XP), so I’m definitely looking forward to this. The bonuses that are likely to be active (bonus catch candy, etc.) won’t be as good as with the previous event, but it’s still 5 free raid passes and a shiny chance.
But I’m running low on premium passes, so they really should make a nice sale box with this…


Yes I totally agree on boxes with raidpasses! I did 15 raids on Articuno day…but I did not spend money on any boxes then…only singel passes.


spend €65,00 on coins / passes playing 24 raids on 2 accounts and went out for dinner after with my GF and 4 other raiders which cost me another €80,00…
My wallet is already dreading next weekend :blush:

also, got shiny for myself on raid number 18 and 23 and for my GF on raid 23. So it was worth the money.
Still: gief boxes!


And the XP you can build up. To me the biggest bonus is not having to hunt or wait for raids to pop. Can set off a lucky egg and in my gym area that I frequent have 7 gyms with a legendary raid going.


@KingQ07 we are the only people with different thoughts (unless your a robot)


Thats alot of money


Im a human