Your honest thoughts on EX raids?



Good luck with it (they’re pretty easy to beat & catch though…)


Yeah, disappointingly a bit too easy to beat to be honest as I’ve done a couple for the kids now.
I had one run last week, luckily it wasn’t a high CP/IV and I caught one the week before so she wasn’t upset.


No opinion. Haven’t gotten an EX-Raid pass but I only do a few raids per week.


I used to be in the relaxed and wait my turn camp for my Ex Raid chance but now I’ve joined the couldn’t give a stuff about Ex Raids camp.
A few things that have transpired over time the last week and a bit to flip that view around. I’ve invested a fair bit of time and all the coins I’d saved up over time during the last week helping a group of people trying to trigger an Ex Raid in an area that fit the criteria.
All up with the families 4 accounts used I’d done 26 eligible Raids on the target Gym only to find out when the Passes came out with the Glitch issue that everyone in our group had got Passes except any of the families accounts. That wasn’t the bit that bothered me it was the aprox 20 others that got Ex Raid Passes that had not touched that Gym in over a month by their own confession and some had never Raided, only spun the gym disc.
A couple of days later I had my first Ex Raid at another hot spot location after missing several previous issues and my Mewtwo decided it had to be that one that runs despite landing 3 excellent, 4 great, 1 nice and 2 dud throws. It was at that moment the whole Ex Raid thing for me was over moving forward.
Further insult came on Saturday when Passes were issued for another location I’d done 4 Raids at and find out a couple of friends had only done the one I did and they all got an Ex Pass.

From now one I will no longer waste my Raid Passes/Coins doing Raids on Ex Pass eligible Gyms for rubbish throw away Pokemon just because it’s a chance to get an Ex Raid Pass. I will only do Raids for Pokemon I want and if it happens to be on the right Gym whoopee do. I couldn’t care now if I never get a Mewtwo.


Not a good experience in the least matey. It bites…
Pretty sure you’re all over it but with Niantics recent comma about the EX raid but & (slight) clarification on criteria it may pay for you to map out the cells in your area & focus on specific park raid sites for raids you can do with all of the family accounts then do as many “incidental” non-EX / non-park raids as you feel like.
I’ve been doing 2-5 per day for myself & my gf on average and that seems to have worked for us. But being part of a wave raid also seem to have helped (next EX raid is on a gym we did several stand alone raids as well as one wave format raid.


EX Raids could be awesome if it stayed like the last wave (thu/fri invitations, raid itself on the next weekend, many players invited, level 13 S2 cells, etc)
But they just cant release two ways in a row with a tiny bit of consistency
This wave has the invitation date like they used to have, hour like nothing else, and raid time as… Pretty much nothing before


Another Cat Raid yesterday (I took an annual leave day). Wondering why as it was a bit of a disaster and all the Cats caught were on the nose MewPhew again.
I waited until last lobby (3rd) with the families 4 accounts so a couple of people who were doing for others that could not attend could do their own first. We started the Raid and 1/2 way through 2 of ph’s (Samsung Andriod) got the loading spinning circle of death. In hope that it would resume to normal game play we kept going but with 30sec left it was still spinning so we all jumped out. I shut the App down on both 3x and both would not load up the game.
Accounts were tried on other devices and loaded first time and battle was completed with only 5min spare.
While catching all the average IV’s I got to the last one and the Cat ran on the 2nd ball. As soon as that happened I realised I had logged one of the kids accounts in twice so the wife missed out on her Cat.
After the Raid I restarted the phones and both loaded up the game accounts without pause.

I’ve herd other players had the same problem but theirs wouldn’t reload the game before the Raid had started and restarting their device fixed the problem. No similarities with the problem either. Google and Pokemon Trainer accts as well as iOS and Andriod devices randomly affected. Everyone that had the issue seemed to be between 11:30am and 1:00pm

7 more weeks of these Mid Week Raids before returning to weekends if the current pattern continues. I know quite a few in our playing community are unhappy and can not attend midweek Raids with 9-5 jobs. I wont be taking any more days off to do them so have to hope I get lucky with Raids after 4pm the week I’m on Dayshift and before 3pm the weeks I’m on Afternoon Shift.