Your honest thoughts on coming quest system?



Yep, took a while for me to notice that. And the option to be able to pick / delete tasks is good also.


I can imagine someone in a small town with a gym
"Hold gyms for 10 hours"
“Beat 6 raid battles”
“Complete 10 gym battles”



You can throw these quests away


30 starts to see what the game is looking for, I’ll catch pokemon and attack the gym anyway


-Unless some other team is dominating that gym 24/7, holding it for 10 hours should actually be peanuts
-6 raid battles might be T1 raids as well. Would take a few days to get this one done though
-10 gym battles might even take a week, unless you’re coordinating with other teams


The rewards don’t seem too rewarding. Untill the mythical.


10 gym battles is easy. 1 gym, 6 pokemon in it, full hp = 18 battles…


Stardust isnt rewarding?


As far as I remember, 1 cycle (battling up to six pokemon one after another) = one gym battle, non?


if i track my battles won by my gymattacker, it goes up for each battle, not each pokemon.
I assume it goes the same when counting gym battles. I could be wrong but i doubt it :smile:


I’m not saying that would be difficult. I’m just saying that would be dumb for people in towns without gyms


Yeah stardust alright. But the rewards are XP not dust.


They should have it something like “Catch 5 weather boosted Pokemon”. That way it’s accessible for anyone no matter where they play.


Dust is one of the rewards too you know


I can’t wait for quests, it’s the one thing that I’ve missed about the original Pokemon games!

Spinning stops and battling gyms gets boring after a while; there will be more incentive if we’re getting real rewards from it and this update is bound to bring in a handful of new players as well as players that may have stopped because the game has gotten boring for them :slight_smile:


Should make more than 7 day daily reward. A longer 30 day daily log in with the last day being something you can use with quest maybe or just more rare candy(x20)