Your honest thoughts on coming quest system?



Tell us what do you think about new upcoming quest system! Personally, if tasks are going to make logical sense, i will finally get something awesome!


Mythical Pokemon will be part of the rewards of completing quests. Are you getting on the hype train?

Edit: “Trainers, this is not a drill! Pokémon GO will soon (March 30!) get Mythical Pokémon via the new Quest (field research task) system, which enable trainers to help Professor Willow find Mythical Pokémon!”


Edit: removed my orignal post as i’ve missed the big news on quests just posted on the gohub main page.

New post: I’m hyped. This is what PoGo needs atm: new content to keep us busy! And right now this information looks goooooood!



If they don’t lie


and they better make task for him make sense


Very very excited for this, makes it more like a main series game which I love!


A possible idea that I thought would be good for quests:

It will be possible to encounter legendaries through the quest system, so why not make it only legendaries that have already been in raids? That way it gives people a chance to catch up if they missed previous legendaries, but also allows them to release new ones through the raid system in the way we have it now.


Since when do the main games have research?


Research… I remember thta we had to find things in the maps which where not possible to see if you don’t made a step on the field.
So, in a remote way it was research.


I’m not saying it had research, I’m saying the fact that we have goals and specific tasks to do makes it feel like a main series game.


It would be also helpful to those, who can’t do raids, like me


No idea about the main games, but in the original animated series, there were several Pokemon Docters, Nurses, Researchers and Professors. So, in that way, it has for a long time been part of the world. It just wasn’t really game-i-fied yet.


Exactly, even though I’ve managed to find a decent raid group, I missed most of the legendaries due to not being able to raid. It’s a great opportunity for everyone to catch up on Pokemon they missed.


Dowsing Machine?


As long as they make it possible to do an infinite amount of quests in an infinite amount of time, I’m hyped.


Yeah, I mean this, but don’t remembered the name. It’s not exactly research, but you have to find (with help of a machine or without) items. And together they give you a pass, or directly the are like a key to special gym events.


More reason to do what we already do!!


I just hope the rewards at the end of the quests are not full of disappointment like walking and hatching eggs.
I will get bored with it real quick.


I’m also concerned that the quests may have to be tailored to your biome(s). The release shows a task involving a Dratini. Aside from a water biome & Feb community day I couldn’t tell you when the last time I encountered a wild Dratini. I only seem to hatch them.
What happens if that part of your task is unobtainable / unable to be completed?
Aside from that I’m fairly excited for a new gameplay “system” to be introduced in PoGo which may level the playing field for rural & urban players!


There is a trash can icon next to the quests so I’m assuming you will be able to abandon any that seem unreasonable