XP from spinning Gyms and different shades of purple


So we know that we get 50 XP from spinning PokéStops, and 250 XP from spinning PokéStops with rings. But it’s not so clear (at least for me) how much XP we get from spinning photo discs at Gyms. I was watching carefully amount of XP recieved, and I’ve noticed that I got: 50XP, 63XP and 25XP chronologically. Also, when I spin these discs, they change colors to different shades of purple, and sometimes even pink. Any suggestions? Or maybe you know why these things happen?


I also found that if I spinning my Day 7 daily award form my related team colour in the gym, I have got more items then from PokeStops, as I experience got 18 items yesterday.


My guess for the shades of purple would be that the shade is very slightly influenced by the gym colour (aka the team that controls the gym: red, yellow, blue).


Hello! I found out that the amount of XP from spinning PokéStops at the gyms depends on the badge level and weather your team controls the gym or not.

Here is a list of how much XP is rewarded for different situations:

With gym control:

  1. Classic Badge: 31 XP
  2. Bronze Badge: 63 XP
  3. Silver Badge: 94 XP
  4. Gold Badge: ??? XP

Without gym control:

  1. Classic Badge: 25 XP
  2. Bronze Badge: 50 XP
  3. Silver Badge: 75 XP
  4. Gold Badge: ??? XP

Note: The amount of stardust or XP when out feed the pokemon at the gym is not affected by the badge level. It is capped at 20 XP and 20 StarDust.

Bonus Items rewarded by the level of the badge:

  1. Classic Badge: 0 items
  2. Bronze Badge: 1 item
  3. Silver Badge: 2 items
  4. Gold Badge: 3 items


@Teamwork, once I got 25 items from an ordinary pokestop, on my 7 day streak, before the update.


Most amount of items I’ve seen spun up on a Gym disc has been 28.
First time it was Gym Colour, 7 Day Streak and Silver Badge. The list of items went on for every scrolling up the screen so I went straight to the journal to count them.
I’ve seen this amount A few times now.


Nothing like this seen here, but very interesting to hear about


I receive 28 items from one of my gold gyms on the 7th day first spin when my team does not control the gym, and 34 items on the 7th day when my team DOES control the gym. I wonder how many items I would get from a gold gym if I had a mon defending it as well…


Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to post an example of a 7 days spin on a Gold gym held by my team with one of my mons in it.
Edit 31 items for a 7day spin on a Gold badge gym held by my team, with one of my mons in.