X Raid Seriously?


1 block away from my house, over there organizing lengendart raids all the time , battling the gym or winning single raids and then will take wife’s phone along maybe 40% of the time when she gets home and She gets an X raid mew two pass today and I don’t ?? what kind of crap selection lottery is this. This is enough to make me quit this game after spending cash on extra raid passes and eggs and getting left out of the people I organized to get these raids. This system sucks and I’m done spending to get nothing !


I know that feel, the selection is still dumb
Why cant they just give the invite to EVERYBODY who raided there?


There’s definitely some algorithm that decides who gets a pass, and that algorithm is horrible at its job.


Same here. I really think they exclude i.a. trainers of level 40 anyway. NONE of my 40 lvl.colleagues, no matter what team and what ridiculous amount of raids completed, received an invite as yet. So yesterday, we battled a gym that was later selected for Ex Raid, but no invite for me again. And btw. one player with second account, who is actually also level 40 at his main account, received the Ex Raid invite for his 2nd, low level one. Ex Raids are perverse.


A level 40 buddy of me gets a chance tomorrow, so they arent excluded. Its his 2nd try. For some here their third. Ive had my 1st a long time ago, waiting for the next one…

Mewtwo isnt the endgame btw, hes good and fun, but its not worth quitting over i think.