Wurmple Evolves not Random?


So i started noticing that there’s sometime different sized Wurmples when they’d pop up so I decided to see if it ment anything. Now by larger I mean before you click on them to catch them they’d look like it’s regular size or a smaller one. I caught 3 or the big or normal sized one and 3 smaller looking one and when I evolved them the three bigger one all evolved into Silcoon while the three Smaller ones evolved into Cascoon.


That could still be random coincidence. You will need more confirmed data to prove that theory.


10287 people on the silphroad have checked every available theory there is about wurmple evolves including different weather spawns, size, weight, IV stats, male, female, catch time and who knows what more. Its random. Dont bother finding a reason. Just have 10 ready to evolve all at once and enjoy your new pokedex entries.


I just wondered myself about the bigger and smaller ones last Community Day. I figured out, that the smaller ones are Lure Module spawns.


They updated there size


Which is dumb, since Natu is too big and Pidgeotto is too small


They are 100 percent random.


when people say “bigger” or “smaller” its more of the size you see after catching (height, weight), the XL/XS things, not the appearance in game which is somewhat awkward when incense/lures come into play and the things are a lot more to scale.


I only evolve Wurmple now when I have 61 candies. I get what I get.