Wrong field research reward


So today at 2:15 EST, I claim my 7th day desearch reward…and I get raikou. What did I do wrong?


The same thing happened to me today


You did nothing wrong email Nianshit and they should give you stuff


I just sent like 12 email


12 emails in 5 minutes?


Yep copy and paste is amazing


hey, did you spell NIA wrong on purpose? :sweat_smile:


Maybe, maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:


Well,it happend to me with snorlax!!! :zipper_mouth_face:


02:15 PM EST = 11:15 AM PDT
So you were 1 hour and 45 minutes early since the switch is 01:00 PM.
Nothing to be done about that.


They are called Niantic…


I think he knows :joy:


Not their fault that even after so many years people refuse to learn how STUPID TIME ZONES WORK
Jesus christ every 1st day of the year is flooded with complaints like this when they mention the actual time on more than one ocasion and even tho its always the same exact time


Think a little bit before answering… :smiley:


Cup did his at 4 pm and he is 3 hours ahead of me, and I am on PDT. He shouldnt have gotten it.


I did, I know how @Cup timezone works.


We arent talking about Cup tough. He hasnt given info about his supposedly wrong reward so cant comment on that.


Got it.

Thanks, Rob. :star_struck:


Its always been eastern time when they switch…I always get off of work at 2 and claim the 7 day reward by 2:15…havent gotten a different reward on the days it switched until now…


You always claim the reward on 1st day of the month? Besides, 2:15PM Eastern time should be 6:15PM UTC, right? Research changes at 8PM