Windy Event - 10k Egg drop rate increase?


Have 10k eggs been increased for this event? I got 7 of them today!!!


I have been getting a surprising amount of them also, not sure why. Could be confirmation bias though


I haven’t cleared my eggs out yet so I can’t confirm anything yet


I had a free spot and spun around 30 stops on the way to work and all I got was a lousy 2km Egg :disappointed:


Yes, I’ve gotten an increased amount of 10km eggs. Niantic wants you to buy those Super Incubators.


Agreed - seems more purple spotted fruits are dropping since this event started.


This needs some confirmation but i believe it’s due the increased amounts of windy spawns in eggs. This means dratini and bagon should appear much more


I beleive more 10K eggs are dropping because the 5K egg pool has been dramatically decreased which makes the possibility of 10K’s dropping more likely by comparison.


Way more 10 k eggs for me…cleared out seven older 10s today and four of the replacements were also 10k


Unfortunatelly I cannot confirm that at all. During the time of the event I got only one 10 km egg (Mareep).


I have ratio of 5 10k to 1 5k and no 2k


I got 6 eggs since the bonus launched with 4 of them being 10km.


Got one 10KM egg, but I only got 2 new eggs yet so I don’t know.


I have 9 10k eggs, I think this is due to the fact that all dragon types hatch from these.


Hatched a Bagon this morning out of my first windy 10km egg.