Why is Sudoowoodo a rock type?


I’ve been wondering why Sudoowoodo is a rock type. I mean, he is a tree. Anyone know?


Sudowoodo --> pseudo wood. It only appears to be a tree, it’s not actually one.


it disguises itself as a tree for camoflauge but i didn’t find any reasoning as to why rock tho =(


Because SudooFreakinWoodoo rocks yo!



the answer has been found - thank god for the internet - what would we do without it


Technically, it does disco moves, not rock. Just sayin’… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sudowoodo is not a real tree, it’s sort of imposter. Although I don’t know why Sudowoodo is rock type, maybe it was making sense for Game Freak…


Like everyone said, fake tree. In the gold and silver games, he was the “blocking your path” guy like gen 1s Snorlax. He looked, on the map, like one of those trees you can cut down with the hm. But it doesn’t work when you try cause, well, rock


It is a fake tree, thus sudo I.e pseudo. It is called such because whilst grass would make more sense the rock type emphasises the fact it is not a real tree.