Who is excited for 4x Dust and 2x xp community day!


I am so hyped!

Also, with starpiece it is SIX TIMES DUST!!!


Pick me, pick me, pick me.
Char Ching, Char Ching
Cant wait for the insane Dust number from our resident Dust Miner at the Paris Mall.


I am going to the downtown delft again. It is a really good place for Pokemon go






Super hyped


I am so ready I’m down to 300,000 Stardust


Im down to 3000 lol


I’m down to 31,000




@Ruraldisaster are you still alive


should be 8x

First its already doubled for this event then cday is 4x then starpiece should double the 4x2 to make 8…


Starpieces dont double stardust. They add 50%.


Super excited for more 'dust! Typhlosion not so excited for but 'dust!!!


How can you not like this Guy?


It doesn’t have blast burn :wink:


Nice one :rofl:

Wont be any better, just different :grinning:

I do have a spare 100% Cindy that could fix that problem.


Who doesn’t love a nice amount of stardust… Of course I will try to catch as much as I can with a starpiece on, but I’m not sure if we get to the park on time (another one of those construction planning meetings… :crazy_face:).
But I’m currently on 2.7million stardust, I don’t need it as much as my husband. He recently spent almost everything (on nonsense Pokémon… but it’s his own choice…) and is down to 16k.

I’m always hyped for community day :smiley: