Who is actually going to use the pokestop reviewing thing? (Wayfarer) AND MORE


Here’s what Niantic say about Wayfinder rating

Your Wayfinder rating will improve as the number of decisions you agree with grows, and your performance rating may be lowered if you have too many Disagreements. Your rating may also decrease if abuse of the Wayfarer platform is detected. If your performance is poor, please take the time to re-evaluate how you are analyzing nominations based on our acceptance criteria.

So they can decrease your rating if you abuse the system. Your rating is also taken into consideration.

What’s funny is that in my last 7 nominations the upgraded nomination took longer to review. I had 2 nomination rejected after 4 days and upgraded nomination accepted after 6 days. Before that my upgraded nomination got accepted after 3 days.


That goes for everyone. Too many submissions, not enough people who are reviewing.


I find the ‘your rating may be lowered if you have too many disagreements’ part more troublesome.
It basically means if people post stupid nominations, you have to turn them down, and your rating gets lowered because of it, or to put it more simply, my raiting goes down because people nominate stupid stuff.
This is why i only check a few nominations per day, then i can skip some like the german of french ones which are hard to validate for me. This way my agree/disagree ratio stay better.


I’m not sure if I understood this text correctly, but I always thought those “disagreements” mean disagreements to other reviewers… So people nominate stupid stuff, all reviewers reject it, that means you have more agreements and should be going towards green, right?

I have reviewed > 500 nominations so far and I have quickly gone into green and stayed there…


That should be correct, indeed.


that is actually a good thought and would explain a lot.


That’s a problem?


The thing itself is not available for the public lol


I recently edited a PokéStop location, because you can’t even spin the Stop when you are at the actual location, and even that got rejected. 🥱🤦‍♂️


How do you edit things?


To edit if you are near enough to see it in the normal play screen:


  • Tap the pokestop.
  • Tap the arrow in the top right corner.
  • Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner.


  • Tap the gym.
  • Tap the arrow in the top right corner.
  • Tap the arrow in the top right corner (again yes).
  • Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner.

To edit pokestops/gyms from recieved gifts:

  • Tap the gift.
  • Tap the card under the gift.
  • Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner.


If you are level 40 you can do this?



Yeah, you do need to be level 40.


The one issue I have with the system at present (as a UK reviewer) is one of the legit examples we’re shown on logging in is a UK postbox. Thing is they are common as muck and have no historical or cultural importance, but as Niantic have suggested they are fine word has got out and in Ingress you’re seeing them everywhere as portals and I find myself struggling to find a reason to reject them (tbh out in the countryside it can be the only option for a fair distance, plus they normally have safe access).


I want to edit the photos, but it’s not possible at the moment. Hopefully it will be soon. There’s an old mural that doesn’t exist anymore, photo of the city center taken in the dark, you can barely see anything (who approved that?!), church has been renovated, some photos are blurry, some are taken from a bad angle, some would look better if they were taken during summer and so on.


Same here. I know a Pokestop with a Photo you can’t see anything on because of the sun. Also, I have a nomination being rejected for bad photo quality, even though it still was at least ten times better than SunPhoto PokéStop. :man_facepalming:


I just had a playground being rejected with the reason it didn’t meet the acceptance criteria. :man_facepalming::joy: These lame nonsense reasons can be so stupid that they are funny sometimes. Not even a second reason was given, so I honestly have no idea why this playground got rejected. Fortunately, my country hasn’t gone in lockdown yet, so I’m renominating it.


Had to share this one, too. How can more than 50% of the reviewers not see this?! The distance shouldn’t matter either as I have only located it just a few meters away. I have had a nomination being accepted that I accidentally placed wat farther away than this. These reviewers really shouldn’t have permission to review.

I also had a nomination being rejected because it was not visible on Streetview. I even said it wasn’t visible on Streetview because what I nominated hasn’t been there for that long. Apparently many reviewers don’t even read what I write, either.


What language do you have to review/post submissions in? I have a few spots I would like to review stops and I’m considering writing some stuff in Spanish. lol


It would be best to write them in the native language of the country it’s in, unless it’s a site named in a specific language otherwise.