Who do i need to trust?


My pokegenie app says totally othher things about mews moveset as Pokémon GO hub database does.


as in moves or stats?


Well, I have seen many mistakes at pokemongohub. Like “latias gets putrage in gamemaster file”
“It only has 1 bar moves now”
But those are human mistakes.

Pokegenie probably is no different.

But If you look at the pokemongohubs database you can see DPS and DPE rates. You can choose the moves yourself then.


Poke genie has gone wierd I calculated a chantey from an egg it said 71 iv when it almost has best stats just does not say Hp and hen I calculated on website it said 91 the right one so pokegenie is worng


Heck, you can’t always expect iv calculators to be correct. The makers try their best to get it right, but no one can make a perfect calculator except from the Pokémon company itself. It works most of the time, so just accept what you are given. Just be happy that most of them are free.


PokeGenie still has the old movepool (1+8)
The actual movepool of Mew is on GoHub, 13+24 if I remember correctly


IV calculator cant be wrong unless you input the wrong data yourself
But what he meant is that Genie still shows the old Mew’s movepool


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