Which team are you

  • Valor
  • Instinct
  • Mystic

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I am surprised of the amount of Instinct players and the lack of Valour players, in my area, here is approximate ratio for ten people at a raid:
M:I:V 5:1:4


Same here, I’m usually the only Instinct whenever I’m raiding, however a large number of the new players in our area seem to be choosing instinct so that may change soon!


The poll looking like how it really be.


Woohoo Mystic!!!


Yay Valor! Glad too see my teamates, especially Yoshi! Lol.


A lot more Valor players in my town than Mystic. But so many Mystic players in the town I work at, it is hard to find an open spot in a gym to put monsters.


Me too. In Alaska everyone is Blue and I was one of the only mustard guys there. Seriously being Instinct AND Alaskan is Ultimate hard mode challenge. So glad to be in lower 48 again. Like just seeing a wild Ponyta was blowing my mind lulz