Which pseudo legendary is the best?


If you dont know what a pseudo legendary is, then firstly they are all below in the poll, and secondly in the main series they are all three stage evolution Pokemon with 600 BST. I.e strong.
Either way: here is the poll:

  • Dragonite (Generation 1/Kanto)
  • Tyranitar (Generation 2/Johto)
  • Salamence (Generation 3/Hoenn)
  • Metagross (Generation 3/Hoenn)
  • Garchomp (Generation 4/Sinnoh)
  • Hydreigon (Generation 5/Unova)
  • Goodra (Generation 6/Kalos)
  • Kommo-o (Generation 7/Alola)
  • Other/Multiple

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I only know about Dragonite and Tyranitar. So Dragonite gets my vote.

Edit- My son who has played most of the hand held games says that Metagross is the best.