Which pseudo legendary is the best?


If you dont know what a pseudo legendary is, then firstly they are all below in the poll, and secondly in the main series they are all three stage evolution Pokemon with 600 BST. I.e strong.
Either way: here is the poll:

  • Dragonite (Generation 1/Kanto)
  • Tyranitar (Generation 2/Johto)
  • Salamence (Generation 3/Hoenn)
  • Metagross (Generation 3/Hoenn)
  • Garchomp (Generation 4/Sinnoh)
  • Hydreigon (Generation 5/Unova)
  • Goodra (Generation 6/Kalos)
  • Kommo-o (Generation 7/Alola)
  • Other/Multiple

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Answer and Make Poll

I only know about Dragonite and Tyranitar. So Dragonite gets my vote.

Edit- My son who has played most of the hand held games says that Metagross is the best.


Goodra is no pseudo legendary


I still don’t have Metagross yet but I’m only 20 candies away on walking my buddy. Still like Dragonite the best.




Oh sorry


salamence is the best realeased, but the moveset, kills it, so dragonite is better, i think no one knows what im saying


I don’t have Salamence yet, but Tyranitar seems to be better than Dragonite.


It’s not, dragonite is better


Goodra is so good. Of course it is a Pseudo Legendary.


Kommo-o is the best because it would be the most relevant to our current meta. Fighting/Dragon would be perfect. Also, not a lot of people have good fairy types meaning that it will be more useful. Goodra is also really good because it is a pure Dragon type meaning only 2 weaknesses. Also, it has great moves that could beat Dragonite out of the park. Metagross is good because it and Tyranitar have Mega Evolutions which boosts their ranking.


Technically 3 but I see where you’re coming from.


Finally we will get a pure useful dragon type


I only know pokemon from Pokemon Go, so still 3 generations for me

I choose Tyranitar because it hasgood moveset in Dark and Rock perspective
It also has more use against the raid bosses so far compare with other pseudo legendary


No it doesn’t have a good dark move set


Bite crunch is decent enough


Garchomp hands down
Was so amazing in its debut it had to be banned (and was the first non-legendary non-mythical Pokemon to be banned after Wynaut and Wobuffet, which were only banned because they could cause endless battles), continues to be a versatile Pokemon thorough the generations, and even got a Mega (but sadly, its a crappy one, maybe it could get a second one like Charizard?)

In GO its a direct upgrade to Dragonite, so no discussion here either


Of course I’m the only one that voted for kommo-o😂


Looked back at my last post. I have Salamence now, and Tyranitar is still better.


The bliss eater is the best legendary😂. Considering it’s giant stat total…