Which Pokemon games have you played?


For me:
*Diamond + Platinum (My first ever pokemon game, and my favorite of the main series)
*Sapphire(The original GBA version)
*Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (My favorite game besides GO)
*Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
*Ranger: Shadows of Almia
*Pokémon Rumble
*Pokémon Duel
*Magikarp Jump
*and of course, POKEMON GO! (My favorite!)


Red, blue, silver, gold, sapphire, ruby, pearl, pokemon stadium 1&2, pokemon colosseum, pokemon snap, pokemon showdown, and pokemon go (lots of same generation duplicates because my brother would get one and then i would get the other, and then we would switch when we finished the one game)


Diamond, pearl, platinum, heart gold, soul silver, white, sun, pokemon colosseum, pokemon showdown, and ofcourse pokemon go


Blue, Gold, Black, GO.

…does Twitch plays Pokemon count?


Between me and my brother we have played every Pokemon game released in Australia from the gameboy onwards even Pokemon puzzle :slight_smile:


Awesome! That’s dedication! Which game (of the main series) was your favorite?


Pokemon Platinum, Pearl, Leafgreen, Emerald, Yellow (but I got stuck at Victory Road), White, White 2, X, Y, and Moon. I’m going to buy Yellow for the 3DS soon and see if I can’t get through it this time. :slight_smile:


I’ve played quite a few but my favorite will always be Crystal. Ruby/Emerald comes as a close second :blush:


I haven’t played any of them. My son is the big Pokemon fan and got me started playing this game. He has Yellow, Ruby, Sapphire, X, Y, Sun, Moon, and Pokken Tournament.


Was Crystal like the “ultimate version” of the Ruby/Sapphire games, kind of like Platinum was to Diamond and Pearl?


Nope, Crystal was the “ultimate version” of Gold and Silver.
Emerald was the “ultimate version” of Ruby and Sapphire.


Oh, that’s cool! I’ve never heard of it before. They should have made a remake of it after Heartgold/Soulsilver.


Heartgold and Soulsilver are remakes of Gold and Silver.

Indeed, I would’ve loved a remake of Crystal. :scream_cat:


I still caught Lugia AND Ho-OH on soulsilver (plus Mewtwo). It’s cool how they let you go to Kanto.


I’m gonna have to go with either snap or sliver what about you


Of the “main” games, I like platinum the best. Out of ALL of the Pokémon games? Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky! Also, can’t forget GO! :slight_smile:


Hi there! I have played Pokémon Duel, FireRed, White, Pokemon Go, Pokémon Rumble etc and also I am planning to play Pokemon Sun and Moon soon. Recently my friend has bought Acheter Pokemon Soleil and moon from PressStart and he is having nice reviews on that game. So, I think for me it would be fun playing the Pokemon Sun and Moon game too.


Blue, Yellow, Silver, Pearl, Platinum, Black, Sun, HeartGold and SoulSilver, OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire lols I’m addicted


I’ve played the original Yellow and Red ,and after I’ve played some RAM’s on my Emulations in the PC. But they have never given me the same emotions. Catching a Mon having a Gameboy in your hand is the best…


*Blue (the old GB version of my older brother) & Red (the downloadversion for 3DS); Emerald (I somehow lost it and couldn’t finish it :disappointed:); Diamond (actually my sisters version :innocent:); Heartgold & Soulsilver; Black & White; Black 2 & White 2; X & Y; OR/AS; Sun & Moon; Pokemon Ranger; Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of time; Pokemon Rumble World; Pokemon Shuffle; Camp Pokemon (I was bored okay :wink: ); Pokemon Jump; Pokemon GO

Does the normal TCG also counts? I played it very often as a child.
My favourite is emerald, although I couldn’t complete it, it was my very first Pokemongame and addicted me till now. And I also love the games of the 5th generation (big Unovafan here), althrough many players didn’t like it. And yeah also GO (;
I’m not a big fan of Sun/Moon, because of the crappy circumstances for a competetive player (training & breeding) compared to OR/AS, but I somehow liked the different story and gameplay.