Which pokemon do u like for community day?


I’m into bagon. I would prefer bagon for community day.


Not only there… Sadly.


Tauros pls(i know niantic will not do this)


Aerodactyl would be neat, but… It has no evolves available. So as a CD feature, it could use something else. Perhaps multiple special event moves? For example,
Wing Attack as a Fast Move (No rock-type, since PoGo doesn’t have any available that were used by Aerodactyl in other games)
Rock Slide and either Sky Attack or Aerial Ace as Charged Move.

These could turn Aerodactyl into a pretty decent Rock/Flying type. Not the top picks for those types, perhaps, but it’d definitely move to a higher echelon. The tricky part would be, to get one with the moveset you want AND with a decent IV (which, I noticed, is fairly problematic on Community Days). Especially since TMs supposedly no longer work on Community Day moves. So you’ll just have to be lucky to actually catch that ideal moveset within 3 hours.


They could make it have one move without an evolution ( They kinda did that with Pikachu, even though it has an evolution)


Thing is, all those candies you can get for aerodactyl will end up being useless unless you want to have like 10 aerodactyls maxed out or something, but still, since it cant evolve I would say its a waste of candy, I would rather do a pokemon that can evolve, that way you can do multiple evolutions, also they would have spawns more rare than mareeps’ unless niantic doesnt want aerodactyl as a kinda exclusive pokemon (I mean in the show it was supposedly an extinct pokemon)


Slakoth or rants, those are the 2 main gen 3’s I’m still missing, bagon, beldum, and larvitar, would be nice as well, would like a better salamence.


fast movement exclusive


More a waste of Stardust.


I would like gastly, because a). Shiny Gengar would be LIT, and b).Gengar is my fav! exclusive move: Dazzling Gleam?


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